Thursday, 14 January 2010

urgh! snow

Ok yesterday was the first day my son was back in school since they broke up for christmas. The school is at the bottom of a very icy hill so it's been shut as teachers and parents who drive there (ie. me) can't get to it.
So they decided even though the hill was still 2" thick with ice they would open the school 10am till 3pm. I decided not to drive and walk.... i should of stayed in bed! It took me half an hour of slipping and sliding, getting the pram stuck but having fits of giggles to get to the school. It was snowing again and i was beginning to resemble a snowman. I dropped my son inside the school and left for my trek home, my daughter instantly started screaming because she wanted her brother and kept this up all the way home. Slipping and getting stuck isn't as funny when you don't have a 8 year old to giggle with and a screaming 2 year old, so after another half hour i got home. Had a cup of tea and had a little winge on facebook about my ordeal only to be told by one of the other mums that if the snow keeps up we have to pick them up at 1 o clock. urgh!
So i called the school at 12.30 and yes they were closing at 1pm so i thought i'm not doing that again and i drove my car to my dads (who lives at the top of that very icy hill) and walked 5 mins to the school hmmm why didn't i think of that this morning? So they have shut the school again until the coucil are willing to clear it ha! good luck! the council have gritted NO roads round here.
So anyway enough of my moaning lol. Pictured is a necklace i made the other day. I wasn't sure about these beads after i had bought them but i thought i'd try and make something since i'm using up what i have before buying more. I quite like it, you don't often see gold and silver together and i think it looks different.


  1. Sounds a complete nightmare! Our school reopened on the 4th and even though the road wasn't gritted it was usable. I complained to the local council about lack of gritting outside the school and although pleasant, all they did was email me a list of gritting criteria :)

    BTW you've done a great job of the necklace

  2. This is my kind of necklace. Lovely colours and I like the use of the clear beads, too.