Thursday, 30 September 2010

mystic blue

Well today i have 2 poorly children at home with me. There not too poorly but my son was sent home yesterday with a headache and sore throat and is still abit off and my daughter has a nasty cough so i decided to keep them both off.
The living room already looks like a bombs gone off!
I made these beads last week and they were one set that came out of my last batch anneal. The colour is mystic blue and you can't tell from the photo but they have swirls of different shade of blue going through them and are quite pretty. I have listed them on my website :0)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

witchy woo

I made this a few weeks ago, it is a crochet witch *cackle* I quite like it but forgot to stuff the hat before sewing it on doh!
Still nothing to report, i have been making beads this morning but out of an hour i have 1 bead which is half decent. Just can't seem to get into it lately :0(.
I might nip back up in a minute and have another go.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

novelty lampwork beads

I've just got back from dropping the kids at school and thought i'd do a quick blog before i go and make some beads.
These are some which i have made over the last week, first is a chicken, I'm quite happy with how this one turned out :0)

Next is this ghost, i think it is better than the one i made last month and it isn't wonky lol.
Both are listed on my website , i have a mixture of sets and novelty beads now. I think i'm going to just concentrate on beads now as i'm finding it more and more difficult to sell my jewellery :0(. Saying that i'm not selling any beads either ha ha.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

not been well

I know i haven't posted for a little bit but i haven't been very well, i'm not sure what was wrong with me i think i had some kind of viral infection. I've still got a bit of a cold but i'll be ok.
No news to report really, we still haven't sold our house and nothing exciting has happened.
Pictured are some lentil beads i made, they are cobolt blue with silvered ivory wrapped around.

Monday, 20 September 2010

lots of lampwork

I had a bit of brain freeze the other day while jewellery making, everything i made got took back apart so i decided to sort some lampwork beads out that i have had in a box for a while. I have strung them onto 18" silver plated chain and they are all £8. I haven't listed on my website yet but if you are interested then just just let me know :0).

First was a sea theme one, i really like it.
Next this pretty blue one

A yellow and green one

and one with a fish on. I love lampwork beads but as i make them now (long way of making them this good) i spend very little time jewellery making so probably won't use the ones i have bought.

Friday, 17 September 2010

ooo scary

I have made these lampwork beads, i get a bit board making sets and it usually takes me a few sessons before i have enough to make a set. I tend to make 2 beads them start something else, these are my something else. I enjoy making little characters much more than plain beads :0).
This is my little ghost.
And here is my little spider, i made 3 beads because i knew i couldn't fit 8 legs on 1 beads lol.
I hope you like them, i have added the spider to my website but the ghost is abit wonky so i'm keeping him for me :0p. I may just make another.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

purple smurple

This is set of lampwork beads i made with one of my new presses, the colour is actually alot nicer than it appears in the picture. They are purple but the end have had a reaction to something and have a silver/gold shine to them.
They are available on my website where, don't forget, i'm offering 15% off everything with this code - promo15.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

first day at nursery

It was my daughters first day at nursery today, she was fine and was happy to be left at nursery. Me however i had to be shoved out the door by the teachers.
I was at a lost at what to do so i came home and cleaned up abit then i put my torch on and made a few beads. I tried top sit and watch tele but couldn't so i decided to go to asda for some bits. When i came home i unpacked the shopping and had a early dinner before going and getting her at 12.
She had a super day and didn't stop talking about it all the way back.
God help me tomorrow!
Pictured is a piece of cross stitch i finished last week, i don't do much anymore with doing other crafts but this is my second wip i have finished and i only have 4 left to finish then i can start another.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

some cards and a angry day

I have uploaded some pictures of some cards i have made, i will be listing them on my website over the next few days.
Firstly is this cute teddy card.
Next is this cute ballerina card.
A japenese doll card, i think they are caller koeshi but not sure.

And a caveman card, roar!

And now for my angry day lol. Yesterday i sent my son to school in his brand new winter coat. He also had football for after school club so i had to go out and buy him a tracksuit, he doesn't own a tracksuit as i think they look abit scruffy to be honest and would rather he wore jeans and a t-shirt. He doesn't play football at home so it's not a problem (he isn't a boys boy and doesn't like the rough and tumble things boys usually do).
So anyway i also got him a new pair of trainers as he needed them for school. So when i went to pick him up after after school club he came out with no coat, i told him to go and get it and told his teacher too. He asked if he had a kit as the school had to borrow him one. I told him i bought a new tracksuit and trainers for him yesterday and he had brought them into school that morning.
In the end it turns out there was nothing on his peg, no coat, no pe kit, no tracksuit and no trainers. He was to go home and the teacher would have a look for them. I was fuming all night!
However when i went in this morning and took him to his class they were on his peg, i have no idea where they disappeared to last night but i am glad they are back.
So rant over lol and thanks for listening :0).

Monday, 13 September 2010

new week

Well it's monday, my husband has gone away again with work. He comes home tomorrow but is then off again on wednesday. My son went back to school for his second week and my daughter start nursery on wednesday.
Not alot is going on at home but i have been making jewellery again, i made this bracelet with swallow charms, i love it and my next tattoo is going to be 2 swallows.
I'm also having a offer on my website for 15% off everything from my jewellery to lampwork and my recently added card section (which i haven't had time to put much in yet). Just simply enter 'promo15' into the promotion code box at check out to recieve it.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Been to nursery

I spent the morning in nursery today. My Darling Daughter starts on wednesday and they had a open day, well morning to introduce the kids.
She did ok, i could see she was quite imtimadated by some of the other children as she is quite meek and mild. She didn't want to come home and she can't wait to start on wednesday but i'll be really worried about her :0(.
Pictured is a set of sterling silver earrings i made using my own lampwork beads. I like them!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

custom order

This is some of the second custom order i have completed, It's a butterfly bag charm with 3 butterflies in pink.

A angel wing bag charm with clear beads.

And a angel wing necklace with 2 angel wings and pink beads, the lady also asked for another angel wing necklace but with clear beads. I made that last night and haven't had time to photograph it yet.

I'm going into town today to try and get my son the new gogos comic which is out today. He is gogo crazy and i have spent an absolute fortune on them but it is the only thing he likes, he's very picky!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

sock monkeys

Here is a sock monkey, which in case you don't know is a monkey made form a pair of socks (new ones of course).
Everyone went mad over them a few months ago and some people went on to creature there own creatures from socks.
I thought i'd give making one a go as i always wanted to but never found the time. So here is my sock monkey, very neon isn't it.
Today i have my daugthers teachers coming for a home visit, she starts nursery a week today so they need to come out and see her at home.
I also sold some lampwork beads last night, i'm over the moon and really hopes the buyer likes them :0).


Well it has been a busy few days, first off i was asked last week to make a commission order for a lovely lady who often buys from me so i gladly made it for her. The same day i had a lady buy one of my bag charms. She liked it alot and has asked to to do another 2 necklaces and 2 bag charms. Yippee!

I thought i'd upload the pictures of the bag charms i have made and have left on my website.

Theres a shell, betty boop and a pink heart one, very girly!

So while i'm thinking yippee things are finally picking up i have a friend, who i met through the craft scene, email and ask me to make necklace and earring sets and tiaras for her bridesmaids when she gets married next year.
I just can't believe it and to top it all off i have been featured in a treasury on etsy, it has certainly been a good week :0).

Monday, 6 September 2010

back to school

My son went back to school today and the house is noticable quieter without him here. In fact i can't wait to go and pick him up at 3.15 and give him a big cuddle because i'm missing him so much lol.
Not sure what i'm going to do when my daughter starts a week wednesday.
Here is another of the bag charms i made, this one is a sheep but i'm sure you don't need me to tell you :0).
I'm looking to get back in my workshop tonight and make some beads, i've not been sleeping much so when i put the kids to bed i go myself so no bead making for a few days. I am working on a set which i'm making with purple glass and a new press so hopefully they'll be finished soon and i can anneal them.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

house viewing today

We have someone coming to see the house this afternoon, keep everything crossed for me won't you?
It is a friend of a friend who is coming and she recommended the area and our house to him, he had a look on the internet and liked it so we'll have to see how it goes.
I made some bag charms the day before yesterday, i have sold 2 which i'm really pleased about :0). I thought i'd put a picture up of some of the others which are listed on my website :0)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

new shop

I have decided (after my tarot card reading) to open an etsy shop. I had an account and was thinking about it but when i went to see this lady she said my business would take off selling abroad so i thought, well why not give it a try?
I'm only selling my lampwork beads there at the minute but will be adding other stuff if it starts selling.
Below is some lampwork beads i have made whilst playing about, please remember that i am a beginner lol

The first is a witch, i had the hat ok but then decided it needed a little more and completely messed it up lol
Next is a ghost, i love him, his eyes are a bit wonky but i'm going to make something for myself with him :0).

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

So cute

I made this gnome the other day and i love him, i have been meaning to make it for a while as i love anything like this and i already have a knitted gnome which i bought from a lovely lady called Diane from Peggy knits.
I was planning on making another but he was so fidderly i'm not sure i'm going to.
Not much has been happening lately apart from trying to get the house ready for this viewing on saturday. The weather has been quite nice the last few days and i have took the kids for a amble round the shops but today i have to wait in for something i order for my son's birthday also i ordered some glass and new presses so i'll have to wait in for them too.

The verdict

So i told you that last night i was going to get my tarot cards read, well i went and somethings she said i agreed with some i did not. She told me i would be moving soon which our house is up for sale and we have a viewing at the weekend. Also that we would be moving near water, the sea. That we are talking about getting a dog but we can't decide between 2 type which couldn't be more different. Well that would be a irish red setter and a cavalier king charles spaniel lol.
So i enjoyed being told things like my nan was with me and heard me talking to her, even if it wasn't true it gave me some comfort.
My business is going to get bigger and be very busy so yay to that lol, pictured is a lion i crochet a few days ago. He's a cutie isn't he :0).