Thursday, 30 April 2009

some more

Bet you will all be board with these pendants soon lol, i am planning on making some more jewellery and cards. In fact i have a order for 10 driving test cards so i'll have to get on with them. Also the beads up north fair os on at haydock on sunday so i'll be going there and getting loads of new beads which will hopefully come with lots of inspiration.
Anyway back to my pendants this one is black with pink bullseye glass

and the next one i actually really like although i'd of never put orange and green together.

hope you like them, jo x

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

been busy

Yesterday was a busy day, craft wise i made 3 pairs of earrings, the ones below being my favourite. They are turquiose with antique gold findings.

I made this ring, the cabochon is purple with blue dichroic glass, hand made by me ;-) i think i'm going to keep it and wear it when i go to chester races next week.

Next is this pendant, i was trying out some of my new glass, it is actually dark green although it looks black with orange dichroic glass, again it was handmade by me. I have to be careful now as i'm actually getting quite proud of my glass makes and getting a bit of a big head LOL.

And lastly is my favourite pendant so far, it's lime green with dichroic glass.

Monday, 27 April 2009

another giveaway

Not by me this time, it's one i've entered for a georgous little bunny. The giveaway is by purfect little purses and you can enter the giveaway here.
I'm waiting for the postman today to hopefully bring me some glass i've ordered for making more pendants but more importantly some fibre paper as i have none left so can't make any more pendants till i get some. I did order some on saturday but as the payment went through there was a error and it said the transaction had been cancelled but when i tried again my bank wouldn't allow it. When i checked my email there was a message saying the payment had gone through??? so i sent a message to them asking if it had gone through or not but i've heard nothing so hopefully it will come today, fingers crossed.


Hi everyone, i have decided to have a give away on my blog. The prize will be these cute little piggie earrings, They are one of my favourite pairs.
All you have to do is add your name to this post in the comments section and i will put all the names into a tub and my son can draw the winner on friday.
Good luck!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

another pendant

Here is another pendant i made with my new toy. This one is dark blue with dichroic glass. I'm still experimenting at the moment with colours and shapes. I've ordered some more glass and some bails so once i have attached a bail to this one i'll either put it in my shop or make it into a necklace and add it.
I've also made a red one, it didn't turn out how i wanted it but it's still ok.

new toy

Well as some of you know i went to the creative stitches and hobbycraft show yesterday. There wasn't many bead shops there, well not many i could get to as the place was jam packed. I did however come across a stand selling micro kilns, i've been after one of these for ages and hubby had said if i see something i want for my birthday, in june, then to get it. So i did, i was so excited and wanted to try it out as soon as we got home but after some reading up on the internet we discovered that you should use a separate microwave to what you cook in :-(. So we went shopping and bought a cheap one so i could try it out, what a great and understanding hubby i have.
So my first one didn't go to plan and the courner was to close to the edge and got stuck, not a good thing as it can damage the kiln.

The second one i made into a pendant, looks pretty good, even if i do say so myself.

I only have enough glass now to make another 4 pendants so i suppose i better start looking for stockists. I can here the cash card groaning already.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


While i was out shopping yesterday i popped into the bead shop, there were loads of bright summery beads. Below are 2 necklaces i made last night with some of the beads. The first is pink and yellow wooden beads with orange seed beads and gold plated bead caps.

Next is brown and blue chunky glass beads with gold plated beads. I'm not sure which one i like best, i love them both. They are both available on my website .

I'm off to a creative stitches and hobbycraft show today, can't wait. I've looked at the list of stalls which are going to be there and there is a few bead shops so i'm happy.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Is the time my darling daughter decided to get up this morning and with the mornings getting brighter it's only going to get worse. When my son was younger in the summer he'd be up at 4am. Can't wait LOL.
SO i've posted some piccies of 2 fathers day cards i made last night. I've used forever friends papers.

I'm off to mother care today to try and get a new buggy, the wheel snapped off the last one (didn't even have it 6 months and paid £70 for it so i wasn't impressed). so when we went to get another hubby was with me and we saw a 3 wheeled one which he had his heart set on so against my better judgement i let him get it. Big mistake, the pram is completly useless and i have to take it apart to fit it in my car boot. He has now admitted i was right not to get it LOL.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

new card

I have been having a little sort out of my crafting stuff and came across some completed cross stitching which i had done nothing with so i made this card up last night. It is a all our yesterday design, they are one of my favourite.
I haven't done much cross stitching for a few years now and jewellery tends to take over but each time i look at my pile of kits i promise myself to do some more.

Monday, 20 April 2009

colour variation

This is another bracelet i made last night, it is similar to the one featured yesterday but instead of purple leaves i've used green and yellow. I also thought a gold bracelet would look better than a silver one. It was so much easier to make than usual with my new pliers, there fab, i wish i'd of bought some new ones sooner. I'm just going to go and list it on my website now :-).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

lilac dreams

I made this bracelet yesterday, first one in a few weeks. I took my beads on holiday with me but didn't get round to using them. I've had the leaves for a while and also got some in green, yellow and white which i'm going to make another charm bracelet but with a gold bracelet. The leaves are lucite with silver foiled glass hearts and purple fire polished beads. I've also just treated myself to a new set of 4 pliers, my other one's were a bit knacked and were starting to hurt my hands when i used them so a new pair were long overdue.

Friday, 17 April 2009

folksy's turn today

As i blogged about my favourite's on misi yesterday i thought i'd give folksy a turn today and add a couple of my favourites from my wish list on there.
The first is these lovely cushions, i love the pattern on them. They are by la maitresse

The second is this georgous coat by kitchy coo who makes georgous childrens clothes, i especially love these coats.

And last is this beatiful bag. It is by Brigantia Designs

I hope you enjoy them :-)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

so sweet

I thought i would share with you 2 of the things i have on my wish list on my shop at misi . The first is a doll which i have used 2 pictures to show you as she comes with 2 outfits and a georgous box to keep it all in. I would love to buy this for my daughter but i think she may just be a bit too young. Anyway it is by pink fairy cake who's shop is a treasure trove of goodies.

The second item i have to show you is this georgous little fleece, again for my daughter. I think this would be great for when the cold nights start to set in near the end of summer, if we actually get one this year that is lol. It's by flutter designs who makes hair accessories aswell as kiddies clothes.

So i did some training last night, change of subject, for the race for life run i'm doing. I did 10k on my cross trainer and the race is 5k so i'm feeling a bit better about it. don't forget you can still sponser me at

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

international sales

I had my first international sale from my website a couple of days ago, it was the pair of curtain tie back i featured on my blog a while ago and there going all the way to australia. I only made one pair as i wasn't sure how they would sell but i think i'm going to make some more now.
I've been in wales for the last 10 days on holiday, i came home yesterday but thinking of going back down this afternoon or tomorrow. I've got some stuff to sort out like going the bank and ordering a statement so i can dispute the money which was stolen from me. I got a statement ordered for when i got home but it only goes upto the day before it was all taken, typical!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

bank card fraud

I'm going to have a bit of a rant about this because if there is one thing i can't stand it is people who have a complete disrespect for other people and there property.
I'm away on holiday at the minute as the kids are off school for 2 weeks and i have had a phone call from my bank asking about my recent activity. As it turns out some *&$% has used my bank card to buy £200 worth of stuff from i-tunes. It's lucky the fraud department at the bank got onto it so quick otherwise they could of cleared me out.
The thing what annoys me the most is i'm on holiday and now have no bank card, as it has been cancelled. It's lucky i'm here with my husband - we have separate bank accounts, otherwise i'd have no money to feed myself or kids and no way of getting home because my car has less than a quarter of a tank of petrol. So i would be stranded here with starving kids just because some idiot wanted to have the latest songs on his *&$%£* ipod. If you are reading this and take part in this kind of thing think about the people and the situation you could be leaving them in by taking THERE money. Ok we get it back but only after we dispute it which could take weeks!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

artisan of the week - it's me!

I got a email this morning from pirate pixie crew to let me know that i had been selected as there artisan of the week. The link to the interview is below

Thank you again lynne :-)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

love this bead

This is one of the 12 lampwork beads i spoilt myself with and were delivered yesterday. Isn't it beautiful, i'm not sure if the camera can pick it up but it kind of reminds me of a galaxy with lots of stars.

So anyway i just had to use it first, this is the bracelet i made i love it.

I have listed it on my website but i'm so tempted to keep it for myself. I'm going to chester races in may so if it hasn't sold by then i think i might just have to find a dress that will go with it and keep it for myself.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

for sale

well the for sale sign has just gone up on my house. It's all a bit strange as we don't know where to go yet, we was going to move to ainsdale but with the rising sea level being on the news we checked with friends of the earth which area's weren't going to be here in 80 years time and ainsdale was one of them. so that went out the window, i know i probably won't be here in 80 years either but if the sea is on my front door it will make the house worthless.
My new beads came this morning, ooo i'm so happy with them can't wait to get stuck into them. The picture is a necklace i made last night i ended up changing it round this morning because i didn't like the way it was. It looks alot better now and i'm happy with it.