Saturday, 25 April 2009

new toy

Well as some of you know i went to the creative stitches and hobbycraft show yesterday. There wasn't many bead shops there, well not many i could get to as the place was jam packed. I did however come across a stand selling micro kilns, i've been after one of these for ages and hubby had said if i see something i want for my birthday, in june, then to get it. So i did, i was so excited and wanted to try it out as soon as we got home but after some reading up on the internet we discovered that you should use a separate microwave to what you cook in :-(. So we went shopping and bought a cheap one so i could try it out, what a great and understanding hubby i have.
So my first one didn't go to plan and the courner was to close to the edge and got stuck, not a good thing as it can damage the kiln.

The second one i made into a pendant, looks pretty good, even if i do say so myself.

I only have enough glass now to make another 4 pendants so i suppose i better start looking for stockists. I can here the cash card groaning already.


  1. Just followed this from folksy, the pendant looks fab, are you going to be making them for your shop?

    Had to laugh about the understanding hubby - I've got one too!

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  2. oooo looks fab Jo well done you!

  3. thank you both, yes hopefully i'll be making them to sell aswell as making jewellery with. Just have to buy more glass lol.

  4. Wow Jo they are great. The second one looks like a beetle, I love it.

  5. Jo its amazing i love it

  6. They are really pretty - I love Dichroic glass and would love to have a go myself

  7. looks great,love the colour,hugs andrea xx

  8. Love the green one Jo!
    Hope you have lots more fun with the kiln!!