Thursday, 25 February 2010

made up with my little self

This is my first attempt at dress making. I decided to try and make something for my daughter and found this free pattern. I think it's great. My 2 year old however said she doesn't like it and won't even try it on.
I think i'll wait for a bit and try to get her to try it on again. I think it's because she has seen me make it that she won't entertain it and judging by how head strong she is i don't think i'll ever get it on her lol.
I think from now on i'll stick to making myself clothes :0).

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And the winner is...

...Cookiemonster, congratulations!
Sorry it has taken so long to get round to doing this today only my husband currently has man flu. So as you can imagine i've been nursing him lol.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Is when the winner of the giveaway will be announced and i have to say with only 10 entrants you all have a fairly good chance of winning :0).
I made this necklace a few weeks ago i love the colours, i made another using the same beads but in reds, purples and pink which i equally love. Both are available on my website.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


I have just noticed that i have reached 100 followers yay! and i have decided to have a giveaway to celebrate.
Up for grabs are a pair of sterling silver swarovski crystal earrings.
All you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment saying which colour you would like blue or purple. Don't worry if your comment doesn't show up straight away as i have to approve it. I changed my settings as i was getting people spamming my blog all the time.

Thanks to all my followers :0).

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

half term

What to do? it was raining all day yesterday and hubby had to go down to work in telford for the day so was late home. Today it is snowing and hubby has gone to scotland with work and won't be back till tomorrow :0(. I wonder what tomorrow has to bring?
The kids were good yesterday considering they spent all day cooped up in the house. They spent alot of the day in there bedrooms playing so i managed to get some cross stitching done.
I promised if the weather is ok we'd go to chester zoo on friday so they have that to look forwards too.
Below is my latest sterling silver piece. The earrings are sterling silver hooks with swarovski crystals and amazonite gemstone beads.

The necklace is amazonite beads and chips with sterling silver tubes and fastens with a sterling silver hook.

Well now i have to go and get the kids washed and dressed as we didn't know it was pancake day today and we have to go and get a squirty lemon!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

as promised

Remember a few weeks ago i said i had made a set using pressed amber and green potato pearls? well here it is.
I've had these beads for a while but i wasn't sure what to make with them but i made quite a lot of green and orange pieces the night i made these.
I drove to my nearest bead shop today which is about a 20 minute drive then 10 minute walk into the town centre only to find it was shut :0(. Oh well, i don't go that often so was a bit disappointed, i had to go shopping anyway because it is my mums birthday tomorrow and i had to get her something so the day wasn't wasted. plus i found some go gos which my son collects so he'll be happy.

Monday, 8 February 2010

dolphin charm bracelet

This is my latest charm bracelet, it features glass dolphin shaped beads with blue and white glass beads and mother of pearl turquoise hearts. A must for any dolphin lover.
I have been neglecting my blog again but i just can't seem to fit everything in. In between looking after 2 children and a husband, trying and failing to keep the house tidy aswell as trying to find some crafting time. I just don't tink it can be done.
Also i'm a little bit miffed at the moment which is effecting my craftyness. I put photos of my work on several galleries aswell as facebook and anywhere else i can think of. In these galleries they have a 5 star rating as a comment box well i have been getting no comments or stars (fair enough my stuff isn't to everyones taste) but i then get people e mailing me asking where i get my beads. I don't mind telling people, well i didn't until someone asked and i told them, they then posted a picture of the exact same thing i had made and put 'for sale on my website' underneath it. Am i wrong to be angry about this? i would never copy someone elses work like that and i can't believe the cheekyness of her, she has emailed me since asking some other question but i have ignored her.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

more lampwork

Just thought i'd show you some more of my lampwork necklaces, these 2 are both made using sterling findings. I have to say i do really like them both.

I also have some sterling earrings on my website made with the lampwork beads from this necklace although they are not quite matching as they don't have the brown beads, they are matched with purple swarovski crystals.

I hope you like them both too.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

bit more fantasy

I made these earrings a few weeks ago, i love them not only because i love fairies but i love the blue it's so vibrant.
I haven't blogged much in the last week as we had a house viewing and had to put the en suite back in (and pack all my craft stuff away) within 2 days. My husband and my dad did a great job although it isn't finished it only needs the floor laying. We never heard nothing back from the people who came to view the house but at least its sorted now.