Friday, 31 December 2010

bit sick of spam

It seems to be everywhere, and not the edible type which when in the mood can be quite nice! The forum of a craft site i am on has been taken over by spam, also misi which was once a great site is now over run with spam and people selling iphones!
long story short, i no longer use misi due to the owner not responding to any problems!
Now everytime i come on my blog i have spam messages from people selling diamond engagement rings argh!

I don't know weather to carry on blogging or give up?

Anyway enough of my moaning, here are some pictures of some hairclips i have made. I have set up a bits and bobs section on my website which features hair clips, headbands, glasses chains and phone charms. Check it out :0).

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

belated merry christmas wishes

Merry christmas to my readers, again i have neglected my blog :(. I am going to start this year alot more positive and do my best to raise my business name :0).

I have been making alot of fashionable jewellery but i haven't been able to take any photo's due to my camera braeking around the middle of december. So here are some older pictures of my makes which are still available on my website.

They are 2 angel charm necklaces, silver plated, one with teal glass beads and the other has moonstone gemstone beads.
My hubby bought me a new camera for christmas so hopefully once the kids are back in school i'll get back into the swing of it :0).
My website by the way is having a massive clearout :0)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

hey folks!

Well it has been a while again, hasn't it?
I've been quite busy with christmas coming up and with my daughter only being in nursary i have 3 hours each morning to run round like a headless chicken getting everything ready.
I have been making jewellery again, i did a fair (it went ok), got a new car, still haven't sold the house and spent an absolute fortune this christmas!
Here are some of my latest pieces...
moon and star earrings

star fish earrings ( i think these have now been reduced)

and one of my favourite charm bracelets

These are all available on my website :0)