Tuesday, 28 July 2009

prize draw

I'm having a prize draw for my facebook fans, it is for a pair of silver plated earrings. Not these ones pictured but a choice of your own from my website www.lej-jewellery.co.uk
All you have to do is become a fan and i will make the draw on saturday 1st august. You can become my fan by following the link below and clicking the become a fan button at the top of the page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/lej-jewellery/125414392278?ref=nf

Monday, 27 July 2009

new week

Well it's a new week and i started with every intention of doing my best to promote my website and shops. I have spent the last hour trying to list new items on my website but each time i try to save them i get logged out and it doesn't save :-(. It's getting very frustrating as i can't promote what isn't listed on my website. I have sent a email to the people who make my website asking them to fix it but i got an automated message saying it could take 24hours for a reply. I hope it won't be that long as the kids are off school and my time is limited.
Anyhow this cute little duck bracelet is one of the items i'm trying to list along with a elephant. There so cute and are bell charms, i love them.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

tomatoe tea

As the coriandr express comes to its final stop we welcome tomato tea, in this shop you will find beautiful hand crochet items aswell as yarn. Below are my favourite 3 pieces from the shop.
Firstly i love this crochet scarf,

Next is this cute little purse

And lastly this georgous little bird.

So pop along to tomato tea and check out the shop.

Friday, 24 July 2009

another fair tomorrow

I have a craft fair tomorrow, not sure what to make of it yet. The lady who i booked the table with said it was a new venture and they were having trouble getting people through the door and to tell as many people as i knew. So i put posts up on a couple of the forums i use telling them about the craft fair. The thing is i got a email from someone who has had a table at 2 of the previous fairs and she said that they don't have anyone going because they don't advertise. They promised to advertise this one and haven't. It seems they hope word of mouth will be enough, which i doubt very much it will be so i'll let you know how it goes.
I made this necklace earlier on today, i have made 2 of these in different colours now and i really like them.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

ruby spirit designs

I'm a bit late blogging about this weeks coriandr express traveller and i'm so sorry, ruby spirit design and her husband, dig the earth (see older post) have been a great support to the coriandr express.
Below are 3 of my favourite things in her coriandr shop, firstly is this vintage style necklace.

Next is these beautiful brass earrings.

And lastly this georgous rainbow charm bracelet.
So pop along to ruby spirit designs and have a look at her shop.

Monday, 20 July 2009

race for life

As some of you know i did the race for life yesterday. This is the picture taken after we had finished. It is my mum, my auntie linda, my cousins wife, lucy and me on the end on my phone. I completed the 5k run in 36 mins, not bad i'm quite proud of myself but today i have sore legs and a sore bum lol.
Thank you to everyone who sponsered me and helped to raise some money for this cause x.

Friday, 17 July 2009

heart and soil baskets

We are now near the end of the coriandr express, only a couple more stops to go. I'm not sure how it has worked for everyone else but have made 2 sales since it started so i'm happy.
So next is heart and soil baskets, this shop has beautiful handmade baskets. Below are my favourite 3 pick.
Firstly this shopping basket
Next is this this willow vase

And last this pot plant holder

All lovely as you can see so pop along to heart and soil baskets to check it out for yourself.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

jewellery party this weekend

I have a busy weekend this week, i decided to take the plunge and hold a jewellery party on saturday. It's only going to be from my house and then see if it goes anywhere from there. I have invited some family and friends to come, i just hope it goes ok. I'm really worried, not about selling anything but about entertaining. I'm having it a 4 - 6 so it's early for wine and drinks, i am going to put some nibbles out too. So anyway i'll let you know how it goes.
Sunday i am doing the race for life for cancer research.
This necklace is one i made last week, i have been trying to sort my stock out for saturday. Plus i have had a good week this week selling 6 things so far so i'm over the moon :-D.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

happy birthday to my little princess

It's my daughters birthday today. I can't believe that she is 2 already, where does the time go?
so happy birthday baby hope you enjoy it

Monday, 13 July 2009

i love candy

What a last couple of days i've had! My son wen to school in fancy dress on friday as a dinosaur, he looks really good but fell over on the adventure playground and hurt him foot. It was 3 o clock and we were already packed to go to wales and waiting to pick him up from school when we got the call to come and get him so we went straight there. He couldn't really walk on his foot on saturday but it just looked badly bruised so we didn't take him the hospital. (he could wiggle his toes so knew nothing was broken). So we went for a drive, never again, DD screamed most of the time and then DS was travel sick yuk!
sunday we came home but had to make a detour into SIL as it's was her son's birthday, we didn't stay long!
Yesterday i had to go shopping for clothes for DD birthday on wednesday, couldn't find any shoes to fit her anywhere aswell as DS limping round (his foot is much better) and DD throwing herself on the floor every other second. Also i think £12 for 2 pieces of cheese on toast and a cup of tea from marks and spencers cafe is a complete rip off! Also had to go back out to take the fancy dress costume back the shop, DD again screamed most of the journey.
So today i'm hopeful for a better day i have to go shopping for party food and the kids are already fighting, wish me luck!
Oh BTW the way, the blog is called i love candy because that is the name of the necklace pictured. With everything else i haven't had time to make anything lately, i made this a few days ago and really love the colours.

sweet treat

The next stop on the coriandr express is sweet treats, like me she sells handmade jewellery. below are 3 of my favourite picks from her shop.

I think this is my favourite

and i also love the colour of these earrings

so pop along to sweet treats and check it out for yourself.

Friday, 10 July 2009

tiny pretty things

The next stop on the coriandr express is here and it is the turn of tiny pretty things. Her shop consists of these great art cards which can be mounted onto greetings cards.
The 3 below are my favourite from the shop.

But you can check it out and choose your own at tiny pretty things :-).

Thursday, 9 July 2009


I have just opened up my facebook account again after closing it last year. I'm mainly using it as a promotional tool. The link to my fan page is here in case your interested.
I made this a couple of days ago it's a necklace which has gemstone jasper beads with shell and tibetan silver beads.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

sterling silver

I don't make many sterling silver piece's as i never know how to price it. It's hard enough to price costume jewellery and even then i'm being told it's too cheap and thats why it's not selling because people think if it's that cheap then it can't be good quality.
But it is lol. Anyhow i have made a few sterling pieces over the last couple of days and here is one of my favourties. They feature starfish shaped swarovski crystals and i love them. They are available on my website with all of my other pieces i have made.

Monday, 6 July 2009

love, light and peas

I haven't blogged about the coriandr express for the last few days as it was my turn but it has now moved onto the turn of love, light and peas. My 3 favourite things from her coriandr shop include these custom made craft fair tags pictured below.

Also this custom made camera lens cover.
And lastly this stationary set made from upcycled paper.

So pop along to love, light and peas on coriandr.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

business cards

I ordered some business cards this morning from moo cards, i usually print my own off but thought it would look more professional to get them done for me. This necklace and earring set is one of the images i used for the reverse of the cards.
It's one of my favourite pieces i have made and is sterling silver with rose quartz and hemitite.
So much for my quite weekend away some idiot decided to have a party last night and they were pratting about till 5am this morning. i'm not a happy bunny!

Friday, 3 July 2009

lucky charm

I made this bracelet yesterday, a bit late for st patricks day but nevermind. I have called it lucky charm, i was going to list it on my website but i'm having a bit of trouble with it at the moment and can't seem to list anything so i'll have to contact them and see whats going on.
I'm back off to wales for the weekend today, should be a relaxing break away for a day or two.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


well i'm glad the sun has decided to show it's face today, it has been really hot but looking like it's going to rain??? so i'm glad it's sunny today as i can hang my washing out to dry :-).
I made these cute little bee earrings to celebrate.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Took my daughter to playgroup today, it's only the second time we have been and it was empty. Which is good because my daughter is not a people person! There were 4 other children there but they all got on with there own little thing. It was good for her and she really enjoyed it so we'll be going back again next week.
I made this necklace yesterday, it's brown and amber glass beads. I quite like it i have listed it on my website but i just have to decide which of my 3 shops to list it in now.
I went running last night in training for the race for life i'm doing. I managed a mile but it was way to hot. I'm going again tonight but i think it's even hotter today so don't know how i'm going to get on.