Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Going to get my cards read

I'm off to get my tarot cards read tonight, you may remember i said about my aunt getting hers done the other week. Well turns out my cousins wife still doesn't know if shes pregnant and won't go to the doctors so who knows!
I can't help but wonder if i'm doing the right thing though, if she if genuine then do i really want to know what may happen? Well i suppose i will find out tonight.
Pictured is some earrings i have added to my shop for the theme of the month. Hope you like them.

Monday, 30 August 2010

theme of the month

I have decided that on my website i am going to be having a theme of the month. This will be on the front page within the featured products. This months theme will be Autumn, inspired by the orange leaves which will very soon be on our trees.
Below is one of the featured items, it is a set of lampwork beads i made last week. They are called Autumn leaves.

This is another set i have made which are also on the website but not a feature. They are called grey clouds, hmm maybe i should of featured them lol.
Not sure what i'm going to be doing today as it's a bank holiday and it is actually sunny, it has completely thrown me lol.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

my trip to London

My hubby has been working so hard lately and instead of the 2 weeks holidays he should of had we got 3 days. So we decided to drive down to London on the wednesday, it took a good 5 hours and once we had booked into the hotel decided not to waste a minute and go sight seeing. We got the train to tower bridge and got soaked, found a lovely little pizza place and had some tea. We then thought that as it was still chucking it down we would head back the hotel and do some sigth seeing the next day.

When we got up it wasn't raining and we decided to go to the natural history museum (sp?) Anyway it was wonderful and the kids enjoyed it but after a few hours plus 1 hour waiting to get in! we decided maybe we should see some other sights so we walked to Harrods then got a taxi to westminster which we went passed Buckingham palace on the way.

We then saw Big Ben, westminter abbey and the London eye. We then had tea in the most horrible chinese i have ever been to, yuk!

It was raining again by then and also nearly 6pm so we decided to head back the hotel. Was hungry as we had had nothing to eat really so we got room service and i had the most delicious club sandwich ever!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

strange day

Yesterday was one of those days where everything was just .... strange!
I had everything from messages being there that weren't there before to someone ask if i would give her niece one of my bag charms because she liked it. Not the one pictured, it was a betty boop one that has now sold. Yes a sale! wow! another strange occurance lol.
Anyhow my aunt went to have her future told last night and there were several things that were spot on. The lady told her that one of her daughter in laws is already pregnant and will be having a girl (she has 2 boys already). so when she got home she went straight round and asked her. She doesn't know but thinks she may be as she has a stomach ache and it only happens when she is pregnant. She already has a doctors appointment booked for today so we'll find out later! I was thinking of going myself TBH but i'm still unsure, do i really want to know whats going to happen or do i just let it unfold?
Sure would be nice to know if my handmade business is going to be a success aswell as if we are ever going to move! oh i haven't told you have i? we had a viewing from someone who had a offer on his house, they came back for a second viewing and asked how soon we could be out because his buyer wants him out soon as. Yep all great! we wait monday morning for a offer ...nothing, tuesday my husband phones the estate agent... Oh yes! mr blah blah called and said he's sorry but the people who are buying his house have pulled out because they can't get a mortgage, so he can't buy yours!
enough said i think :0(.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

making again

I sat last night and made this bag charm after about a month or so of not making any jewellery. I also made another 2 bag charms which i shall be posting the pictures of in my next few posts.
It felt good to be making again but at the same time i am relisting everything onto my new website and it is a reminder of all the stock i still have and why i stopped making jewellery.
Anyway i hopefully have a fair in a few weeks time so maybe i'll sell some there :0).

Monday, 16 August 2010

my new website

My new website is now working and i have to say that i'm sorry i didn't make the swap sooner. Mr site (my old server provider) was slow and took at least 10 seconds to load my page, wasn't helpful with any problems i had whereas create.net (my new provider) have so far been brilliant. The new layout of my website is much better and i love it.
Please pop along and have a look www.lej-jewellery.co.uk It doesn't have alot of stock on at the moment as i'm trying to juggle my website and shops with looking after and entertaining my kids :) so the school hols probably wasn't the best time to do it but hay ho it's all done now and i'm alot happier.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

flower power!

Well i think my plee yesterday was heard as it has not rained today :0), the weather hasn't been sunny but it has stayed dry which is the main thing. I was going to take the kids out but realised that i have to wait in for a parcel which at 12.50pm has not arrived yet so we probably won't be going anywhere today :0(. Lets hope the weather stays dry for tomorrow.
I put my kiln on last night to anneal another batch of beads and this is one of the sets i have done. I did them for a challenge on one of the forums i use, they have a theme of the month competition each month and this month it's flower power. I went for a hippy colour theme :0).

Monday, 9 August 2010

rain rain go away!

So we are 3 weeks into the summer holidays and it hasn't stopped raining, oh sorry my mistake we have had 1 dry day. I'm fed up of it now, the kids are fed up of it and everyone is board! On the up side we have had 2 viewing on the house, one of which want to come back for a second viewing :0).
These are a pair of earrings i made a few weeks ago, they are on sale in my folksy shop.
I'm thinking of changing my website provider as mr site who i am with now are quite frankly ...poo! I've had nothing but trouble with them for the last 3 years and i can't even load my website now and when i can the pages take forever to load. I have tried customer support who tell me to delete my cookies and restart my computer erm... hello... i'm no computer wizz but i'm pretty sure this won't solve the problem!
I will keep you posted on that.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

yay oxygen! boo it's leaking

So as explained in my previous post i was waiting for my oxygen, my husband brought some in with him from work on tuesday. Great, he hooked it all up, great! ready to go. So i turned it on and hisssssssss! hmm i thought, that can't be right so i turned it off then back on again and hissssssssss!
I then shouted hubby who told me what i thought, that it was leaking out of the connection boo! We then messed about with it for half an hour to try and get it to stop leaking with no joy :0(.
So i have to wait till he brings some special tape home to stop it leaking, thing is he's had to go away again with work until tomorrow :0(.
So i made this bracelet instead.

Monday, 2 August 2010

no oxygen :0(

I use propane gas and oxygen when i'm making glass beads, i noticed that my oxygen tank was starting to run low on wednesday so i asked hubby if he could go and get it filled for me on friday (give me a chance to use the last of it). He said yes, great stuff! So he has a very stressful day in work on friday and doesn't really feel like driving to the boc place after getting home late (he's having a hard time with work lately :0(). So he said that it is open saturday till 12 and we'll go then to get some.
We set of saturday and when we get to place at 10am it's closed :0(, i was gutted. Hubby is now working away till tuesday and has the oxygen bottle in the boot of his car. He said he'll pick some up on his way home on tuesday which is only tomorrow and i've lasted this long but i'm having serious withdrawal symptons lol. See i said i was addicted!
Anyway heres what i have made while i haven't been able to make glass, shes georgous.