Wednesday, 18 August 2010

strange day

Yesterday was one of those days where everything was just .... strange!
I had everything from messages being there that weren't there before to someone ask if i would give her niece one of my bag charms because she liked it. Not the one pictured, it was a betty boop one that has now sold. Yes a sale! wow! another strange occurance lol.
Anyhow my aunt went to have her future told last night and there were several things that were spot on. The lady told her that one of her daughter in laws is already pregnant and will be having a girl (she has 2 boys already). so when she got home she went straight round and asked her. She doesn't know but thinks she may be as she has a stomach ache and it only happens when she is pregnant. She already has a doctors appointment booked for today so we'll find out later! I was thinking of going myself TBH but i'm still unsure, do i really want to know whats going to happen or do i just let it unfold?
Sure would be nice to know if my handmade business is going to be a success aswell as if we are ever going to move! oh i haven't told you have i? we had a viewing from someone who had a offer on his house, they came back for a second viewing and asked how soon we could be out because his buyer wants him out soon as. Yep all great! we wait monday morning for a offer ...nothing, tuesday my husband phones the estate agent... Oh yes! mr blah blah called and said he's sorry but the people who are buying his house have pulled out because they can't get a mortgage, so he can't buy yours!
enough said i think :0(.

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  1. sounds hectic!

    I don't envy you trying to sell, it's way too stressful...

    so you have people expecting you to give them stuff for free? weird...