Sunday, 29 August 2010

my trip to London

My hubby has been working so hard lately and instead of the 2 weeks holidays he should of had we got 3 days. So we decided to drive down to London on the wednesday, it took a good 5 hours and once we had booked into the hotel decided not to waste a minute and go sight seeing. We got the train to tower bridge and got soaked, found a lovely little pizza place and had some tea. We then thought that as it was still chucking it down we would head back the hotel and do some sigth seeing the next day.

When we got up it wasn't raining and we decided to go to the natural history museum (sp?) Anyway it was wonderful and the kids enjoyed it but after a few hours plus 1 hour waiting to get in! we decided maybe we should see some other sights so we walked to Harrods then got a taxi to westminster which we went passed Buckingham palace on the way.

We then saw Big Ben, westminter abbey and the London eye. We then had tea in the most horrible chinese i have ever been to, yuk!

It was raining again by then and also nearly 6pm so we decided to head back the hotel. Was hungry as we had had nothing to eat really so we got room service and i had the most delicious club sandwich ever!


  1. LOL! Glad you had a good time. Funny to read other peoples experiences of London. I worked there for a while and had family living there for several years.
    Take care. :o)

  2. It made my head want to pop lol, everyone was rushing around everywhere. I felt like i wanted to turn into the cadburys bunny and say 'relax, take it easy' lol