Wednesday, 4 August 2010

yay oxygen! boo it's leaking

So as explained in my previous post i was waiting for my oxygen, my husband brought some in with him from work on tuesday. Great, he hooked it all up, great! ready to go. So i turned it on and hisssssssss! hmm i thought, that can't be right so i turned it off then back on again and hissssssssss!
I then shouted hubby who told me what i thought, that it was leaking out of the connection boo! We then messed about with it for half an hour to try and get it to stop leaking with no joy :0(.
So i have to wait till he brings some special tape home to stop it leaking, thing is he's had to go away again with work until tomorrow :0(.
So i made this bracelet instead.

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