Monday, 2 August 2010

no oxygen :0(

I use propane gas and oxygen when i'm making glass beads, i noticed that my oxygen tank was starting to run low on wednesday so i asked hubby if he could go and get it filled for me on friday (give me a chance to use the last of it). He said yes, great stuff! So he has a very stressful day in work on friday and doesn't really feel like driving to the boc place after getting home late (he's having a hard time with work lately :0(). So he said that it is open saturday till 12 and we'll go then to get some.
We set of saturday and when we get to place at 10am it's closed :0(, i was gutted. Hubby is now working away till tuesday and has the oxygen bottle in the boot of his car. He said he'll pick some up on his way home on tuesday which is only tomorrow and i've lasted this long but i'm having serious withdrawal symptons lol. See i said i was addicted!
Anyway heres what i have made while i haven't been able to make glass, shes georgous.


  1. you are right, she is gorgeous, and time to make a few more while you wait for your oxygen, lol,
    joy x x

  2. How frustrating! I know how it feels when you plan to do something and look forward to it.

  3. Very cute. Hope you have your oxygen now