Thursday, 31 December 2009

season greetings

I know i'm a bit late in posting but i hope you all had a merry christmas and have a good time celebrating new year tonight. I myself will more than likely be in bed by 10.30pm lol. Having a 2 year old who still doesn't sleep through the night it isn't a good idea to stay up past midnight then having to get up early morning. I will be very cranky to say the least lol. Hubby will probably send me to bed as soon as my daughter goes just to keep the peace on new years day :-).

So anyhow, following the trend i have reduced many items on my website

My news years resoulutions is to get organised, make more and blog more aswell as the usual eat less and exercise! so heres to a better 2010!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

2 in a row

Well i feel like i have been doing pretty well keeping my blog up to date lately.
Here is my latest piece, i think i have fallen in love with it lol, i love the colours of the beads and this is the 3rd one i have made using these beads. Unfortunatly i now only have about 8 beads left in the pack and theres no purple or pink but i think the reds will still make a great bracelet.
I have decided that i have to limit the beads i buy now too and i'm only buying what i need. I have way too many beads and with the things the way they are i don't have many pennys for splashing out when i see beads i like (which is pretty much everytime i see beads lol). so i'm going to be using whats in my bead box for now but i have some treasures in there ;-).

Monday, 7 December 2009

getting ready for the weekend

I've got another craft fair at the weekend, yay, although that might be a bit to soon judging by my last few and what other crafters are saying about there fairs lol.
These are my 3 favourite pieces i have made in the last few days.

I think the bracelet is my favourite of the 3 i love the colours.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

made up with my little self

Well i decided to drag my sewing machine out from under my husbands golf clubs in the black hole we call the cupboard under the stairs and sew together a cushion from some cross stitching. After i had finished i started trawling the internet for my next project and ended up finding some georgous rag doll pictures. so after making a template decided to give it a go. even though at this point i didn't know how to reverse stitch with my machine or turn the fabric.
So anyway after several failed attempts and a doll with a square head i managed to do one i was happy with and here she is...

and then i did another lol...

Hope you like them :-).

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

just peachy

Well this being a blog about my jewellery i thought it would be a great idea to show you my jewellery lol, I haven't been doing much jewellery lately but here are my latest 2 pieces.
The first is silver plated earrings with black glass beads and tibetan silver butterflies.

And next is this georgous necklace i have called just peachy because of the colour. Its sterling silver and features peach glass beads with a handmade lampwork pendant.

I have managed to book another craft fair for the 12th december so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me as my last one didn't go to well.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

2 more

Here are 2 pictures of my next 2 crochet makes. Firstly is this scrummy cupcake with a cherry on the top.
And next this georgous angel

She has wings round the back but i never put the picture on. Not sure what to make next i keep changing my mind :-).

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

get me!

I stared crochet a few months ago and i'm now working on my second granny square blanket. Well that was until i decided to give amigurumi a try. This is what i had made over the last few days. Firstly this bee.
Next these calorie free chocolates.

And lastly, my favourite, this japanese doll. I think they are call koekeshi dolls but i haven't a clue how to spell it lol.

I'm currently working on a angel and will post piccies soon.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

hmmm... not quite sure

Well as i said yesterday i was messing about with my sewing machine yesterday, These are some of the things i made. Firstly the first one.. an owl... a cat... i'm not quite sure! It was supposed to be a owl but it was the first time i have made anything like this and when i showed my 2 year old she shouted kitty cat so i suppose thats what it will be.

Next are some cross stitch cushions, i have has the stitched bits for ages and thought i'd make them up into cushions to take to the craft fair with me next saturday.

And lastly this crochet flower brooch, i love crochet and this was the first one i had made of this type.
So i'm just washing my fabric ready to make some more bits so watch this space.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

wrap bracelets

Well i have finally managed to get myself a new pair of memory wire cutters as my old ones had called it a day. So i spent last night making these bracelets, i'm pretty made up with them. Firstly is this red one with purple and pink beads.

Next is this white or clear one, perfect for christmas.

And lastly this brown one which i used up my oddment of brown beads to make it and i really like it.

Today i have been messing with my sewing machine, making up some cross stitch cushions from some cover kits i have done and have been lying around for ages. I'm going to take them to my craft fair in 2 weeks time. I also found some snow white fabric so i made a cushion with that i just have to stuff it and stitch it up and it'll be done. So you know what tomorrows pictures are going to be :-D.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

good week so far

Had a good week so far this week, in my last post i put about how i was making earrings with 50% of the sale going towards the poppy appeal well i have had a great response and have made £14 so far. Yesterday i decided i would also add bookmarks to the poppy appeal sale and i have sold 2 of them. I now only have 1 pair of earrings and 1 bookmark remaining so get them while you can.
Below are some bits i have made firstly being a childs bell charm bracelet. The bell charm is santa i think it is sooo cute.

Next are these silver plated earrings i also love. I called them snowqueen because of the beads.

And here is a picture of the poppy appeal bookmark.

All are available from my website

Monday, 2 November 2009

poppy appeal

I have decided that i'm going to be making various jewellery, cards and other crafty bits and bobs with 50% of the sale going to various charities. I'm not sure how well it will go as i know alot of people (me included) have trust issues when it comes to people we don't know collecting for charities but i can assure you that i am trustworthy and the money will be donated to the named charity.
This are my first piece which are silver plated earwires with red glass pearls and tibetan silver flowers. they cost £4 with 50% going towards the poppy appeal.
Once i have a few pieces i will make a extra page on my website for chartity pieces.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

happy halloween (for yesterday)

Happy halloween (for yesterday) i did mean to make this post yesterday but we had lots on including going to view some houses so i never got round to it.
So this is what we have been up to over the halloween period. Firstly i made these 2 trick or treat bags for the kids. I'm quite surprised how well they turned out as it's the first time i have made anything like this.

Next i carved the pumpkin with the help of my daughter flicking pumpkin seeds all over the carpet lol.

Then we went trick or treating, we have learn to only knock on the door with decorations up or they won't answer so the kids had fun and i thought they looked great.

So next stop is christmas......

Monday, 12 October 2009

lampwork heaven

So i have uploaded 3 of my latest pieces, i have gone a bit potty lately for lampwork beads and 2 of the necklaces feature some of the beads i have bought. The first is a purple and red focal with red lampwork spacers and purple glass beads. I think the colours work well together.

The second is not lampwork but i love it so much i just had to show you, it's a fairy charm bracelet with white glass pearls.

The third i think is my favourite, i don't think the picture does it justice. It's orange and brown lampwork beads with amber lampwork spacers and brown glass beads.

They are not yet available on my website as i haven't listed them yet but i hope to find some time soon. If you are interested in them please contact me for more details through my website thanks x

Thursday, 8 October 2009

turn up for the books

So remember a couple of posts ago when i was moaning about lack of sales well.... in the last few days i have had 2 misi sales and been contacted by 2 different ladies asking to supply my jewellery in there shops! To say that i'm happy is an understatement. I'll keep you up to date with how it is going :-).
So to carry on with the halloween theme i have made this skeleton bracelet with orange and black glass beads. It is featured under the boys jewellery section of my website .

Saturday, 3 October 2009

3 for 2

I have started a offer on my website of 3 for 2. Buy any 3 items and i'll refund you the cheapest. This is a silver plated bracelet bracelet with a turquoise heart and extention chain.
So grab this offer whilst you can

Friday, 2 October 2009


On the run up to halloween i will be featuring my halloween pieces on my blog. I have already featured a halloween charm bracelet, boys black skull bracelet and a girls halloween card so today is the turn of these cuties. They are lampwork bats on silver plated earwires. I think they are fab!
Other news is i have just got back from the hair dressers and feel about a stone lighter after getting my hair finally cut. I would take a photo but don't want to scare you all away as i am not photogenic lol.
All my halloween jewellery is listed on my website under childrens jewellery or a bit of fun section :-).

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

wow, has it really been that long.

I knew i had neglected my blog but hadn't realised for how long! I've not really been doing much craft wise it's a bit hard, with nothing selling, to create more stuff to just sit there. I have been making some christmas cards my mum asked me to make and i am also knitting a scarf for my son and crochet a blanket for my daughter. So i'm keeping busy and trying to promote but i'm not getting anywhere fast :-(. I even listed some things on ebay (about 10) for 99p starting bid just to try and create more space but only 1 sold. It's not looking good readers :-(.
Sorry to be so glum lol.
This is one of the cards i have made for halloween, i also made a load of jewellery with halloween theme, you can find them at

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Hi, this is one of my latest necklaces, i went a bit mad on ebay and bought a load of semi precious gemstones. This is one i made with them the others are featured on my website .
I have recently set up my own fan page on facebook, if you are interested in becoming my fan and keeping up to date with everything i'm making you can find me at just click the become my fan button at the top.
Well the kids are back in school monday so i may be able to get some creating done :-).

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Sorry i haven't blogged for what feels like a life time but i rarely get a minute to myself. In between flitting from home to the caravan every couple of days and trying to make new stock and list it aswell as keeping the kids entertained. it's hard work!
Anyhow this is my first mens necklace i have made, i haven't listed it on my website as i'd have to make a new page and i just don't have the time to do it at the moment. Once the kids are back in school i'll sort it out.
I have some good news to i was laft a comment on my facebook page from a lady who is the editor of a north wales magazine which tells you whats on in the area and she loves my new halloween range and wants to put some pictures in the magazine, how great is that! i'm over the moon.

Monday, 17 August 2009

boys jewellery?

I think it is pretty hard to design boys jewellery, the last boys necklace i made was bought for a girl??? I made this elasticated bracelet a few days ago it was initially for halloween but i have listed it under boys jewellery on my website. I have also made the matching necklace but i haven't got round to listing that yet.
I have made a girl one using clear crystals instead of black beads which has turned out ok. I've also been making other halloween jewellery and i've made one card so far so pop along to my website for a nosy.

Friday, 14 August 2009


I'm not sure if it is to early for halloween items to be listed but i made this charm bracelet a few days ago. I'm planning on making a few more items for both girls and boys. I don't want to make too many as i'm not sure weather they'll sell or not yet but i'm going to give it ago. I've also stamped some images with halloween stamps and i just need to make them up into cards and i'll list them on my website. The bracelet is already listed under a bit of fun.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

hello kitty

This is one of my latest cards, i bought a hello kitty die cutter for my sizzix machine and this is my first kitty. I have since made a christmas one but i'm down in my caravan now so won't have a chance to make anymore for a few days. I'm not sure how long i'm staying for yet i've been here since thursday with hubby and the kids but hubby is back in work tomorrow and has to go to scotland for a few days so i think i'm going to stay till wednesday. I've got a craft fair on sunday but i don't think i'm going to be making more stuff as i have wayyyy to much already and i didn't sell much last time i was there, about 7 pieces i think.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

new jewellery piece

Here is a picture of one of the pieces that i made with some of my 'stock' i got from the bead fair i went to on sunday. I love the lampwork bead and think the dark red really shows it off.
I also had a play about with my new hello kitty die cutter yesterday and made 1 birthday card and another kitty to make a christmas card. I'm expecting some more card making bits in the post today as i noticed lili of the valley were having a sale and raided there site lol. I also ordered some halloween stamps from a different site so hopefully they'll come today too.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

how busy have i been!

I seem to have been going none stop over the last week or so, the kids are off school so i've been keeping them busy aswell as tidying up alot more! I've been to a bead fair where i bought some more stock ;-) and turned the en suite into a craft room, well i never my darling hubby did (in the good books can't you tell lol).
I've made a few cards some mens but mostly christmas as my mum gave me a order for 23 :-o. I made some jewellery with my new stock, i will post pictures tomorrow and i've done some knitting, i taught myself how to cable cast on :-).
The postman has just brought me a hello kitty die cutter so i'm going to have some fun with that today :-D. wow i have been busy.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

prize draw

I'm having a prize draw for my facebook fans, it is for a pair of silver plated earrings. Not these ones pictured but a choice of your own from my website
All you have to do is become a fan and i will make the draw on saturday 1st august. You can become my fan by following the link below and clicking the become a fan button at the top of the page

Monday, 27 July 2009

new week

Well it's a new week and i started with every intention of doing my best to promote my website and shops. I have spent the last hour trying to list new items on my website but each time i try to save them i get logged out and it doesn't save :-(. It's getting very frustrating as i can't promote what isn't listed on my website. I have sent a email to the people who make my website asking them to fix it but i got an automated message saying it could take 24hours for a reply. I hope it won't be that long as the kids are off school and my time is limited.
Anyhow this cute little duck bracelet is one of the items i'm trying to list along with a elephant. There so cute and are bell charms, i love them.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

tomatoe tea

As the coriandr express comes to its final stop we welcome tomato tea, in this shop you will find beautiful hand crochet items aswell as yarn. Below are my favourite 3 pieces from the shop.
Firstly i love this crochet scarf,

Next is this cute little purse

And lastly this georgous little bird.

So pop along to tomato tea and check out the shop.

Friday, 24 July 2009

another fair tomorrow

I have a craft fair tomorrow, not sure what to make of it yet. The lady who i booked the table with said it was a new venture and they were having trouble getting people through the door and to tell as many people as i knew. So i put posts up on a couple of the forums i use telling them about the craft fair. The thing is i got a email from someone who has had a table at 2 of the previous fairs and she said that they don't have anyone going because they don't advertise. They promised to advertise this one and haven't. It seems they hope word of mouth will be enough, which i doubt very much it will be so i'll let you know how it goes.
I made this necklace earlier on today, i have made 2 of these in different colours now and i really like them.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

ruby spirit designs

I'm a bit late blogging about this weeks coriandr express traveller and i'm so sorry, ruby spirit design and her husband, dig the earth (see older post) have been a great support to the coriandr express.
Below are 3 of my favourite things in her coriandr shop, firstly is this vintage style necklace.

Next is these beautiful brass earrings.

And lastly this georgous rainbow charm bracelet.
So pop along to ruby spirit designs and have a look at her shop.

Monday, 20 July 2009

race for life

As some of you know i did the race for life yesterday. This is the picture taken after we had finished. It is my mum, my auntie linda, my cousins wife, lucy and me on the end on my phone. I completed the 5k run in 36 mins, not bad i'm quite proud of myself but today i have sore legs and a sore bum lol.
Thank you to everyone who sponsered me and helped to raise some money for this cause x.