Thursday, 31 December 2009

season greetings

I know i'm a bit late in posting but i hope you all had a merry christmas and have a good time celebrating new year tonight. I myself will more than likely be in bed by 10.30pm lol. Having a 2 year old who still doesn't sleep through the night it isn't a good idea to stay up past midnight then having to get up early morning. I will be very cranky to say the least lol. Hubby will probably send me to bed as soon as my daughter goes just to keep the peace on new years day :-).

So anyhow, following the trend i have reduced many items on my website

My news years resoulutions is to get organised, make more and blog more aswell as the usual eat less and exercise! so heres to a better 2010!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

2 in a row

Well i feel like i have been doing pretty well keeping my blog up to date lately.
Here is my latest piece, i think i have fallen in love with it lol, i love the colours of the beads and this is the 3rd one i have made using these beads. Unfortunatly i now only have about 8 beads left in the pack and theres no purple or pink but i think the reds will still make a great bracelet.
I have decided that i have to limit the beads i buy now too and i'm only buying what i need. I have way too many beads and with the things the way they are i don't have many pennys for splashing out when i see beads i like (which is pretty much everytime i see beads lol). so i'm going to be using whats in my bead box for now but i have some treasures in there ;-).

Monday, 7 December 2009

getting ready for the weekend

I've got another craft fair at the weekend, yay, although that might be a bit to soon judging by my last few and what other crafters are saying about there fairs lol.
These are my 3 favourite pieces i have made in the last few days.

I think the bracelet is my favourite of the 3 i love the colours.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

made up with my little self

Well i decided to drag my sewing machine out from under my husbands golf clubs in the black hole we call the cupboard under the stairs and sew together a cushion from some cross stitching. After i had finished i started trawling the internet for my next project and ended up finding some georgous rag doll pictures. so after making a template decided to give it a go. even though at this point i didn't know how to reverse stitch with my machine or turn the fabric.
So anyway after several failed attempts and a doll with a square head i managed to do one i was happy with and here she is...

and then i did another lol...

Hope you like them :-).

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

just peachy

Well this being a blog about my jewellery i thought it would be a great idea to show you my jewellery lol, I haven't been doing much jewellery lately but here are my latest 2 pieces.
The first is silver plated earrings with black glass beads and tibetan silver butterflies.

And next is this georgous necklace i have called just peachy because of the colour. Its sterling silver and features peach glass beads with a handmade lampwork pendant.

I have managed to book another craft fair for the 12th december so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me as my last one didn't go to well.