Tuesday, 8 December 2009

2 in a row

Well i feel like i have been doing pretty well keeping my blog up to date lately.
Here is my latest piece, i think i have fallen in love with it lol, i love the colours of the beads and this is the 3rd one i have made using these beads. Unfortunatly i now only have about 8 beads left in the pack and theres no purple or pink but i think the reds will still make a great bracelet.
I have decided that i have to limit the beads i buy now too and i'm only buying what i need. I have way too many beads and with the things the way they are i don't have many pennys for splashing out when i see beads i like (which is pretty much everytime i see beads lol). so i'm going to be using whats in my bead box for now but i have some treasures in there ;-).


  1. It's those gorgeous pinks again. They are lovely. I am in the same situ I have promised myself not to buy anymore till used and sold what I have. . . :o)

  2. Gorgeous bracelet.
    I could buy beads forever...but I've done much better lately. It is hard though! Sooo many pretty beads... :)