Tuesday, 12 October 2010

more beads!

I'm getting into making lampwork sets now, i find it a bit repetative to stand and make 5-8 of the same beads and really struggle to make sets but i have perservered and i'm getting into it now. It is still taking me 2-3 sessions at my torch before i have made a set but i'm getting there.

These are a set i made using mystic pink glass, it gives the beads a cloudy effect but you can't see it from the picture.
This is a set i adore, they are teal and purple and the picture really doesn't do them justice. I've finished off another 3 sets and made a focal over the last 2 days and i have also started another set which i have fallen in love with so watch this space....pictures soon :0).

Monday, 11 October 2010

orphan beads

So when i am lampworking i get a bit picky about what goes and what doesn't also what i can sell as a bead and what is slight seconds. The holes may not be perfect or the courners may not be square. This is where i stick them in a little pot to one side.
I have decided to empty that little pot and list some orphans on my website, aswell as sligth seconds there are also beads which i have decided not to make anymore of so they are odd.
I have made 3 strings up of 10 beads and they are priced at £4.50.

If your intersted please pop along to my website www.lej-jewellery.co.uk right now i'm off to make some more beads whihc no doubt half of them will end up in my odd pot!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

what a cutie

This is my latest piece of cross stitch which i have finished. I have about 8 pieces on the go at the minute, one is a really big piece of a guardian angel which i have now been stitching for 7 years so hopefully i'll get back into that one soon.
I'm trying to finish the ones i have already started before i start anymore. The one i'm closest to finishing is a wallace and gromit warerabbit picture. I only have to do the outline but it is abit of a nightmare to be honest!
Not sure what i'm going to do with it but i was thinking of making it into a hanger.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

love this!

I think this is now my favourite bracelet. I love it, i have a 'thing' for skulls. More sugar/candy skulls than normal ones.
I put these tibetan silver ones with some red pearls and i love it!
Well still no news really apart from we had a offer on our house but it was 12k below the asking price plus we have already lowered the price by 8k to try and sell it so we had to say no :0(.
Maybe they'll make a higher bid but i don't think so.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I'm having a giveaway on my website, the prize is this witch.
To enter pop along to www.lej-jewellery.co.uk for details :0)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I know this is suppose to be a jewellery blog but i am making more lampwork beads than jewellery. I'm about to send a shipment down to a shop that i rent a shelf off so i may make some fresh jewellery to list on my website. When i do i'll show them here :0).
This si my lastest lampwork bead it is a godess made from red glass, i have made 2 of these from ivory but the holes haven't turned out right so i can't sell them. This one is fine so i'll be listing it on my website soon.

Friday, 1 October 2010

more beads

Well both my kids seemed fine today so i sent them off to school this morning. I had to run the shopping centre to go the bank but as soon as i got home i put my torch on. I've made about 4 so i'll have to see what them look like once they have cooled down.
Here is a set i made last week, i like them. I couldn't photograph the purple properly but it is lighter than on the picture. They are also available on my website. I have listed some of my older sets on ebay with a starting bid of £1.99, if your interested heres the link
Oh well, i think i'll have a cuppa tea before i have to brace the element and go and get my daughter from school :0).