Wednesday, 30 September 2009

wow, has it really been that long.

I knew i had neglected my blog but hadn't realised for how long! I've not really been doing much craft wise it's a bit hard, with nothing selling, to create more stuff to just sit there. I have been making some christmas cards my mum asked me to make and i am also knitting a scarf for my son and crochet a blanket for my daughter. So i'm keeping busy and trying to promote but i'm not getting anywhere fast :-(. I even listed some things on ebay (about 10) for 99p starting bid just to try and create more space but only 1 sold. It's not looking good readers :-(.
Sorry to be so glum lol.
This is one of the cards i have made for halloween, i also made a load of jewellery with halloween theme, you can find them at

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Hi, this is one of my latest necklaces, i went a bit mad on ebay and bought a load of semi precious gemstones. This is one i made with them the others are featured on my website .
I have recently set up my own fan page on facebook, if you are interested in becoming my fan and keeping up to date with everything i'm making you can find me at just click the become my fan button at the top.
Well the kids are back in school monday so i may be able to get some creating done :-).