Wednesday, 30 September 2009

wow, has it really been that long.

I knew i had neglected my blog but hadn't realised for how long! I've not really been doing much craft wise it's a bit hard, with nothing selling, to create more stuff to just sit there. I have been making some christmas cards my mum asked me to make and i am also knitting a scarf for my son and crochet a blanket for my daughter. So i'm keeping busy and trying to promote but i'm not getting anywhere fast :-(. I even listed some things on ebay (about 10) for 99p starting bid just to try and create more space but only 1 sold. It's not looking good readers :-(.
Sorry to be so glum lol.
This is one of the cards i have made for halloween, i also made a load of jewellery with halloween theme, you can find them at


  1. Chin up, i know it is frustrating as some poeple seem to sell loads, and its not always because they are cheap, lets just hope we get busier for the Christmas rush. It don't help when the newspapers only seem to advertise notonthehighstreet, its a shame they don't promote folky...

  2. Thanks i'm finding it very frustrating. really don't know what to do. But hopefully like you say it will pick up :-)

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling glum. I have totally given up on my folksy shop and haven't listed anything new in it in ages. I think I'm going to let the listings expire and stick with etsy. The card is very sweet btw

  4. I was just looking at my blog & was shocked at how long it had been! Having a nose at everyone elses then will get round to mine. Dont worry, Christmas soon & should pick up then.