Friday, 30 July 2010

some pretty new beads

I annealled these in my kiln yesterday, the other beads from the previous post i have put on ebay (seller id jcliff518 in case your interested) they are not perfect and i'm also curious as to what they would sell for.
These i'm am currently trying, yes trying, to load onto my website. I'm having trouble with it again and am seriously considering moving from mr site as it just seems to be problem after problem.

Anyway hopefully i'll have them listed soon and hopefully they'll sell soon :0).

Thursday, 29 July 2010

fed up of the rain.

Well since we came home from our holiday 3 weeks ago it has rained everyday! I'm well and truely fed up of it now, i think i have SAD, you know that seasonal thing when you get depressed in the winter. I love winter and have never been depressed but this rain is getting us all down. We have no motivation, the kids are board. It's so hard to keep them amused when we can't really go out anywhere :0(.
Anyway i've just bought them some gogos so they are quite happy sitting playing with them for an hour or so so i thought i'd hop on here and do my blog for the day.
This is a necklace i made last week, i bought a big string of ceramic discs at the last craft fair i went to, they were at a bargain price so i couldn't resist :0). I have made 1 necklace already which has sold, that was brown, so i thought i'd use the black discs to make a similar necklace. This has just been put in my folksy shop and i have everything crossed it sells soon.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I love lampworking

I do! when i had my first lesson it took me a few days before i lit my torch at home, with the kids and the house taking up most of my time i kind of put it on the back shelf. It has been about 2 months since i had my lesson and the last 2 weeks i have really got into it. I want to be at my torch 24 hours a day, i think i have developed an addiction!
My teacher did warn me this would happen but i never thought it would lol.
So below are a set of 3 which i have since made another 2 green ones to go with them. There purple and green glass with ivory wrapped with a silvered ivory stringer.

And again some purple wrapped with silvered ivory.

I'm not sure how to sell them yet weather to put them in my folksy shop? my website? (which is having trouble loading at the minute because there is too much jewellery stock on it) or ebay?
Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

some beads

I;m getting to the point where i can start to sell my beads now as 1. they are actually round and 2. they look pretty good. Even if i do say so myself :0)
These are a polka dot green and white set, i'm going to do some more of these in different colours.
Next is a green set with ivory silvered dots on.

And last this orange set, It's orange glass with frit on them, i love them there so bright and vibrant.

So i have some more ready to go in my kiln which i usually switch on at the weekend but i'm going to a bead fair on sunday so not sure when i'm going to anneal my next batch.
The bead fair is one of the only ones 'up north' so i try to go each time it's on. The man who supplies the glass for lampworking is going to be there so i suggest hubby hides his wallet lol.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another day another 3 photos

I thought since i have been away for so long i'd post another 3 pictures to show what i have been up to.
This is another lampwork bead i have made using my new flower press. I'm not sure on the colour and have since made another 3in different blues to go with it, one of them broke in the kiln though so i can see me making some more.
Next is a button bracelet, i kinda like it. My husband didn't get it at all and was like but it's buttons?!?! This is for sale in my folksy shop, there is also another one in my misi shop. I think that one is pink??

Next is this crochet bag, i adore this. It took me quite a while to do and the colour changes where a bit of a pain but i love it.

We'll it was the kids first day of the school holidays today and guess what? It rained! we went shopping about 11 o'clock to break the day up a bit. We got some chocolate rolls and doughnuts so the kids were happy lol. Tomorrow were planning on going out somewhere but we'll have to see what the weather is like before we decide where.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

sunday, a day of rest?

So it's sunday today, my plans are to go to a boot sale for a mooch around (if the rain keeps off) then perhaps get some meat from there and make a roast dinner when we get home. It is also OH dads birthday but he is in work till 3 so OH is taking the kids down then and i'm staying at home to make some beads.
Again i have put 3 pictures up, these are of my latest pieces. The first is a gemstone bracelet made with red agate, serpentine and rose quartz. Personally i love it! It isn't listed on my website but it is in my folksy shop priced at £10.

Here is another not on my website but again in my folksy shop, this is one of my favourite pieces. It's turquoise and tiger eye with tibetan silver spacers.

And last is a bead i made the other day and my very first octopus, i love him too. The thing is i forgot to keep the other side of the bead warm and he went into shock and cracked :0(. He is currently sat on my workbench on the mandrel (metal stick) as i'm to scared to take him off because i know he will break and i just can't do that to him!

Aren't i doing good 3 blogs in 3 days! I'm going to try and keep it up as i enjoy blogging and the kids are off school now so no rush to get up and out as we don't have to be anywhere.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Some more pics

So i thought 3 pictures to explain what i'd been up to over the last few months probably wasn't enough so here is some more.
First is a few beads i have made, and my first set, i really like them but they have a few imperfections. There no perfectly round and on one side of the focal it has a few bumps where the frit hasn't melted in properly.

I have been cross stitching this picture for my daughter for 3 years now and have finally finished it. I'm not sure what to do with it yet and probably won't make it up until we move (no still not sold the house :0() but shes a cutie.

And last is this pink necklace, i bought the focal a while ago but never got round to using it as i didn't know what to do with it as it is very 'pink'. But i think it has turned out ok and i really like the way the pink goes with the freshwater pearls.

So thats me until tomorrow when i'll upload some more pics.

where does the time go?

Seen as i haven't blogged for ages i thought i'd upload a few pictures to show what i've been up to. I have been sewing...
...Making jewellery...
.... i have been on a lampwork course and have started making my own beads....

I have also been on holiday and spent some time with my family. I am also currently having a sale on my website as soon as i sell some sale items i'm going to change my website around and have a overhaul. So watch this space.