Saturday, 24 July 2010

sunday, a day of rest?

So it's sunday today, my plans are to go to a boot sale for a mooch around (if the rain keeps off) then perhaps get some meat from there and make a roast dinner when we get home. It is also OH dads birthday but he is in work till 3 so OH is taking the kids down then and i'm staying at home to make some beads.
Again i have put 3 pictures up, these are of my latest pieces. The first is a gemstone bracelet made with red agate, serpentine and rose quartz. Personally i love it! It isn't listed on my website but it is in my folksy shop priced at £10.

Here is another not on my website but again in my folksy shop, this is one of my favourite pieces. It's turquoise and tiger eye with tibetan silver spacers.

And last is a bead i made the other day and my very first octopus, i love him too. The thing is i forgot to keep the other side of the bead warm and he went into shock and cracked :0(. He is currently sat on my workbench on the mandrel (metal stick) as i'm to scared to take him off because i know he will break and i just can't do that to him!

Aren't i doing good 3 blogs in 3 days! I'm going to try and keep it up as i enjoy blogging and the kids are off school now so no rush to get up and out as we don't have to be anywhere.

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