Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I love lampworking

I do! when i had my first lesson it took me a few days before i lit my torch at home, with the kids and the house taking up most of my time i kind of put it on the back shelf. It has been about 2 months since i had my lesson and the last 2 weeks i have really got into it. I want to be at my torch 24 hours a day, i think i have developed an addiction!
My teacher did warn me this would happen but i never thought it would lol.
So below are a set of 3 which i have since made another 2 green ones to go with them. There purple and green glass with ivory wrapped with a silvered ivory stringer.

And again some purple wrapped with silvered ivory.

I'm not sure how to sell them yet weather to put them in my folksy shop? my website? (which is having trouble loading at the minute because there is too much jewellery stock on it) or ebay?
Answers on a postcard please.


  1. They are beautiful and I do think they would sell. Don't sell on ebay though. Most people there have no idea how much effort goes into making lampworked beads. I'd say folksy or etsy or your own website. I think etsy has more lampworkers selling than folksy

  2. they're gorgeous!! I would say either your website or folksy, i think they wouldn't be appreciated as much on ebay, though i suppose you could put them on as a buy it now item? x

  3. They would definitely sell, they are lovely :) I agree with Gemma, don't touch ebay, everyone expects something for nothing on there. Make sure you don't undersell yourself either...not that I have any idea how much it costs to actually create lampies, but people can't get yours anywhere else so they are very special ,and it isn't like most people are going to go out and buy the equipment and make their own :) Good luck, can't wait to see your lampie shop :) x

  4. I think they are gorgeous. I would certainly be interested in buying at some point.