Tuesday, 27 July 2010

some beads

I;m getting to the point where i can start to sell my beads now as 1. they are actually round and 2. they look pretty good. Even if i do say so myself :0)
These are a polka dot green and white set, i'm going to do some more of these in different colours.
Next is a green set with ivory silvered dots on.

And last this orange set, It's orange glass with frit on them, i love them there so bright and vibrant.

So i have some more ready to go in my kiln which i usually switch on at the weekend but i'm going to a bead fair on sunday so not sure when i'm going to anneal my next batch.
The bead fair is one of the only ones 'up north' so i try to go each time it's on. The man who supplies the glass for lampworking is going to be there so i suggest hubby hides his wallet lol.


  1. the beads look really lovely, well done,
    joy xx

  2. They are beautiful, keep going and do put them for sale :)
    It's probably good that I can't get to that bead fair, I know I'd spend too much!