Monday, 26 July 2010

Another day another 3 photos

I thought since i have been away for so long i'd post another 3 pictures to show what i have been up to.
This is another lampwork bead i have made using my new flower press. I'm not sure on the colour and have since made another 3in different blues to go with it, one of them broke in the kiln though so i can see me making some more.
Next is a button bracelet, i kinda like it. My husband didn't get it at all and was like but it's buttons?!?! This is for sale in my folksy shop, there is also another one in my misi shop. I think that one is pink??

Next is this crochet bag, i adore this. It took me quite a while to do and the colour changes where a bit of a pain but i love it.

We'll it was the kids first day of the school holidays today and guess what? It rained! we went shopping about 11 o'clock to break the day up a bit. We got some chocolate rolls and doughnuts so the kids were happy lol. Tomorrow were planning on going out somewhere but we'll have to see what the weather is like before we decide where.

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