Wednesday, 31 March 2010

some of my latest pieces

I've been making loads of jewellery lately, i think i'm getting back into the swing of it after a brake away. Firstly are these sterling silver coral earrings, i love them.

Next back to my novelty stuff is these rubber duckie earrings :0D so cute!.

And lastly a necklace i made using blue, amber and purple glass beads with silver plated tubes. Now i would never of put these 3 colours together but i order some beads recently and they came together in a bag and i thought hmm they go together really well so wala the necklace was born.

They are available on my website for purchase apart from the coral earrings as they will be going to one of the shops i supply, if you would like some then just let me know and i'd be only to happy to make some :-).

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

been playing

I decided a few days ago to have a play with the fimo which has been sat in the storage cupboard for about 6 months.
This is what i made, a penguin

A pod of peas
And a chocolate

I've made them up into keyrings and have to say i'm pretty impressed with myself.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So remember my last post saying i have a craft fair at the weekend, well it went fantastic! and was my best fair so far, ever! I'm so happy it went well and it was full of lovely people who were
mainly student but they were all great and were wearing lovely vintage clothes. I had such a good day.
I have also had a email from another shop asking to stock my jewellery so i'm happy about that and i have had a email from one of the shop i already supply saying i am there best seller in the 2 weeks i have been open. So lots of good news career wise :0D.
Pictured is version 1 of a tiara i have been asked to make, version 2 will have another butterfly added i'm half way through it and it looks much better with 2 butterflies.

Friday, 19 March 2010

another fair tomorrow

Well i have another craft fair tomorrow, it's in wrexham central station above yales cafe bar if anyone is interested and wants to take a nosy, O and it's on from 11am to 4pm. I'm looking forwards to it as there are a few other sellers i know going and it should be fun.
So i have put these 2 piccy on for todays blog, i will be taking them with me to sell, the first is a gold plated charm bracelet with red glass beads and green shell beads, i love the colours.

Next is some crochet, there is a bunny which my husband says looks like picatu from pokemon. Thanks for that love! lol and a toadstool which i designed myself. I didn't use a pattern just kind of made it up as i went along, i think it turned out quite good :0).

The rabbit does have a fluffy tail but you can't see it from this photo. So wish me luck everyone :0).

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

here kitty kitty

Well my craft fair went ok at the weekend, there wasn't many people at all through the door, which seems to be the problem with them all, i did however mange to sell enough to cover my table and material cost but alot of people didn't sell anything so i can't grumble.
I'm doind another this weekend at wrexham central, i'm keeping everything crossed this one will be better or i'll be giving serious thought to giving up on craft fairs. I can't get in anywhere with my jewellery anyway so i don't see much point.
Below are 2 of my latest charm bracelets both are hello kitty style, 1 purple and 1 red, i love them both!

Hope you do too, and don't forget if your in the wrexham area pop in and support your local craft fair :0). It starts at 11am and is above the yale cafe bar.

Friday, 12 March 2010

craft fair tomorrow

I have my first craft fair of the year tomorrow, when i booked it the lady said they were fully booked for jewellery and cards so i thought hmmm maybe i can take my crochet and sewing items. I only have a few but it's a month away i can make more. So she agreed and the fair was booked. Note to self never book a fair unless you have the stuff already, i have nowhere near enough to take, i've made a few keyrings to try and make it look like more but i don't know what to do. I don't want to rush round making loads and then not do to good because it's worse than going with your stuff made and selling nothing.
Anyhow i'll let you know monday how it turns out. Ooo i forgot if your in the area it's ivy, barlow moor road, didsbury, manchester. pop in!

Here is one of my latest charm bracelets, i love it!

Wish me luck for tomorrow and today, we have a viewing on our house horay! but we've just found out that the house we have set our hearts on is under offer. The people don't have a house to sell and thier mortgage has already been appoved so were gutted but it mustn't of been the house for us so i'm trying to say positive that we will find something better.
Anyway fingers crossed for the weekend and i'll let you know how we get on.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

fun fun fun

As some of you know i have a section on my website for novelty jewellery and here are 4 of my latest makes.
Firstly is these knitting earrings, i love them and i can't knit lol

Next are 'over the rainbow'

Then cheeky monkey.

And these froggy ones, the frog ones sold within an hour of listing them but i will be getting some more very soon and re listing them so watch this space.

I love novelty earrings, there so fun! I'll hopefully be making more styles in the near future. Any suggestions which aren't featured on my website and you would like to see then let me know :0).

Sunday, 7 March 2010

purple rose

This is one of my latest necklaces, it is called purple rose for obvious reasons lol. It is purple glass pearls with tibetan silver spacers and purple lucite rose beads. It is also available on my website ;).
It feels like forever since i have blogged and i have so much to show you including all the crochet i have been doing and i even made myself a top.
For the lady who inquired about a pattern for the summer dress i made i got it from the burdastyle website, theres lots of great patterns on there and lots of lovely creations.