Wednesday, 17 March 2010

here kitty kitty

Well my craft fair went ok at the weekend, there wasn't many people at all through the door, which seems to be the problem with them all, i did however mange to sell enough to cover my table and material cost but alot of people didn't sell anything so i can't grumble.
I'm doind another this weekend at wrexham central, i'm keeping everything crossed this one will be better or i'll be giving serious thought to giving up on craft fairs. I can't get in anywhere with my jewellery anyway so i don't see much point.
Below are 2 of my latest charm bracelets both are hello kitty style, 1 purple and 1 red, i love them both!

Hope you do too, and don't forget if your in the wrexham area pop in and support your local craft fair :0). It starts at 11am and is above the yale cafe bar.

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  1. i hope the next one goes well for you, i have one on saturday - only a small church one so im hoping someone turns up! i went to one before where at one point noone came in and everyone was just sat twiddling their thumbs. If you sell anything at all its a great achievement! Fingers crossed for us both! :)