Friday, 19 March 2010

another fair tomorrow

Well i have another craft fair tomorrow, it's in wrexham central station above yales cafe bar if anyone is interested and wants to take a nosy, O and it's on from 11am to 4pm. I'm looking forwards to it as there are a few other sellers i know going and it should be fun.
So i have put these 2 piccy on for todays blog, i will be taking them with me to sell, the first is a gold plated charm bracelet with red glass beads and green shell beads, i love the colours.

Next is some crochet, there is a bunny which my husband says looks like picatu from pokemon. Thanks for that love! lol and a toadstool which i designed myself. I didn't use a pattern just kind of made it up as i went along, i think it turned out quite good :0).

The rabbit does have a fluffy tail but you can't see it from this photo. So wish me luck everyone :0).

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