Friday, 27 February 2009

none school uniform day

It's none school uniform day at my son's school today and i feel awful as i didn't read his school letter properly and i've sent him in his uniform. He's got another one next week too for national book week so i'll make it up to him then and make sure he has the best costume. The guilt of a mother, it's a terrible thing.

Were going to look at a house on sunday in southport, i'm looking forwards to moving as it means i get my own craft room yey!

I made this bracelet yesterday, it's very summery. It has orange and green lampwork beads with green glass pearls and tibetan silver spacers.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

spoilt myself

I have spoilt my self over the last couple of days, i bought this lovely top from misi it was just to lovely to resist. It was from this lovely lady she also has a cute little fairy skirt which i'm so temped by, for my daughter of course not me LOL.

It also has this lovely back detailing.

This is another t shirt i bought, this one is from folksy, i love it as i love anything with fairies and angels. It says clap hands, save faries and is from

I can't wait to get either of them. :-)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

eternal knot

This is my latest necklace which i have to say i really like, it has black glass beads with tibetan silver connectors which are in the shape of the eternal knot, hence the name.

I went a bit mad the other day and ordered 6 dichoric glass pendants from ebay, they have just come with the postman and there really beautiful. I never know weather to string them with beads or just put them on a chain. I have just listed a handmade glass pendant necklace in my misi shop. . It's called sunset and is blue with orange and red it's really striking.

I'm also recovering from stuffing myself with pancakes yesterday, i had 5 and did feel just a bit sick afterwards. All that sugar and jiff lemon probably didn't help either lol.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

easter cards

I've made 2 easter cards but i'm not quite sure if anyone will buy them. Do people give cards at easter? I'm planning on making some kids ones but i have made 2, 1 of which is pictured here, adult ones. The other one i have made is more or less the same but in blue.

I was planning on taking my daughter the cedar farm today, she loves animals. But it's raining so we'll just have to find something to do in the house. Also heroes started last night i watched the first one but the second episode was on bbc3 at 10.30 so i sky plused it. I'll watched that when she's asleep.

Monday, 23 February 2009

:- (

Well yesterday didn't go to well really, to start it off i had a table in the middle. I usually get on at the side where people tend to look more. It was fairly busy for the first half hour but no sales, i suppose most people don't go to a boot sale and expect to find handmade jewellery. I did however sell two bracelets and a necklace so it wasn't to bad. Plus it went really quite so we packed up an hour early and went for a carvary.

This is one of my latest cards, i think it's so cute. I'm going to list all my cards on my website as i have been neglecting the card part of it recently. I might have a bit more time today as my son went back to school this morning. I've already been shopping. I got my daughter some wellies as she a monster for puddles and it doesn't help when her shoes are suede.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

i know i said i had enough stock but....

I decied to branch out into boys jewellery and eventually mens. I have cuff links on my website but i'd like to make mens necklaces and bracelets. This is what i made it's wooden pieces with tibetan silver spacers and a whale tail pendant.I think it's a surfer style and will be great for the upcoming summer, hopefully we'll have a better one than last year.
I'm still feeling positive about tomorrow but i just found out that the next boot sale is on the same day as the craft fair i've already booked for next month. My thinking was if i do the bootsale each month then in the summer months when it gets busy i will be established with them and get the holiday makers coming and buying my jewellery. I'll have to have a word while i'm there and see if they'll book me a table for the month after. oh well wish me luck for tomorrow. jo

Friday, 20 February 2009

made enough jewellery, starting on cards

Well i've decided that i now have enough jewellery stock for the weekend and i'm going to have a change and make some cards instead. I've uploaded a picture of my favourite one i made last night. It's a male card which are quite hard to do, It features a forever friends bear washing a car. I think it's a cutie.

I can't wait till sunday and i'm trying to be positive, i usually dread going incase no one buys my jewellery. So it's a car boot sale at the nova centre in prestatyn, north wales if anyone is interested :-).

Thursday, 19 February 2009

half price sale

I'm having a half price sale on my keepsake cards in my misi shop. . My favourite one has to be this one with the booties for a christening. They are all boxed with co-ordinating tissue paper and come with a stand.
I'm trying to clear some space as my crafting has taken over the house, i have cross stitching, card making and jewellery making stuff shoved into every nook and cranny. We are currently looking for a new house so i can have my own craft room but we can't decide where to go and not sure if we'll even get a mortgage with the banks not lending money at the minute.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

oops i think i've flooded the gallery

i've taken photo's this morning of everything i have made since my camera broke and uploaded them to my galleries. I've practically filled a whole page, o well it has been 10 days since i last uploaded on there. I'm not going to put anything in my shops until after the boot sale on sunday just in case it sells.

This is one of my favourites it's a blue suede necklace with blue glass beads.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

got my new camera

Hurray i got my new camera this afternoon, i managed to take a couple of pictures but it started to get dark so i'll have to do the rest tomorrow.
I have uploaded pictures of rose quartz butterfly earrings and matching charm bracelet, i think there really pretty.

I have the boot sale on sunday so fingers crossed i'm going to sell some jewellery there. I also have a craft fair in a couple of weeks so hopefully that will go well too.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

happy valentines day

I got a sleep in today as hubby got up with our daughter at 6am, i couldn't get back to sleep but it was nice to have a relax. I got a big bunch of roses and we went to the trafford centre. I didn't end up getting anything but it was a nice day out and we had a nice dinner.
The kids are off on half term now so i doubt i'll get much blogging done. I'm going to the car boot sales at the nova centre in wales next sunday to sell my jewellery. It got cancelled last time so i hope i can sell some stock this time.

Friday, 13 February 2009

broke my camera

I dropped my camera about 3 days ago whilst the lens was out and something has snapped inside the lens. It won't close or focus so i haven't been able to take any photo's. I've made a few things over the last couple of days mainly charm bracelets. I did go and buy a new camera from argos yesterday but it's useless and doesn't even focus properly so hubby has gone to get one today. This is one of the photo's i did manage to take it's a silver plated charm bracelet with tibetan silver moon charms and glass blue bicone beads. Once i get the new camera and take a proper photo of it i'll list it on my website along with the other stuff i made.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

happy birthday mum

Well as the title suggests it's my mum's birthday today. I thought i'd blog about what i had made for her as i'm finding hard to make anything at the moment. I have just gone a bit mad on ebay and bought loads of beads so hopefully it will give me some inspiration when they arrive.
Firstly is the card for my mum from the kids.

and next is the card from me, my mum loves winnie the pooh so piglet seemed fitting.

and this is the necklace i made for her. She doesn't wear alot of jewellery so i made something simple.

I also got her some smellies and a gift card as i didn't know what to get her, i know but at least she can get something she wants then.

Friday, 6 February 2009

potty training

I've decided to try and potty train my 18 month old daughter, try being the word as she will not sit on the potty. I'll just have to keep it around and keep mentioning it now and again. She is however sitting the the child seat on the toilet so i think i'll take her the toilet every so often to see if she can do it that way.
I got round to using the frog beads i mentioned in a previous post. Well i used one of them, i have lost my crafting mojo lately and haven't been making much at all. So today i just sat down and forced myself to make something and here is the result. I think it is pretty cute.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

new necklace

I didn't get to do any beading yesterday but i have just made this necklace. I'm really please with it and it looks much better than the photo. I'm going to call it spring time as it reminds me of the blossom on the trees in spring.

It has pink glass beads with green glass leaves on silver plated chain. I'm going to list it on my website very soon,

Monday, 2 February 2009


Well i guess everyone will be blogging about snow today so thought i might aswell as join in. It has been snowing here about an inch or two. It's melted on the roads now but it was really bad this morning. I had to go to the post office and decided to walk. Well i'm glad i did i saw 2 cars skidding across the road on the way out of our estate. Then on the way back someone ended up completely facing the wrong way.
Anyway yesterday i made a few more bookmarks and a bracelet. The first one is a sheep bookmark, i also have a pair of earrings on my website using the same charms.

The next one is a cow bookmark.

And i also made this bracelet. It has a cute butterfly clasp.

Not going to get anything done today as it's 3 o clock and the baby has only just gone to sleep, so she'll be up till late tonight.