Monday, 2 February 2009


Well i guess everyone will be blogging about snow today so thought i might aswell as join in. It has been snowing here about an inch or two. It's melted on the roads now but it was really bad this morning. I had to go to the post office and decided to walk. Well i'm glad i did i saw 2 cars skidding across the road on the way out of our estate. Then on the way back someone ended up completely facing the wrong way.
Anyway yesterday i made a few more bookmarks and a bracelet. The first one is a sheep bookmark, i also have a pair of earrings on my website using the same charms.

The next one is a cow bookmark.

And i also made this bracelet. It has a cute butterfly clasp.

Not going to get anything done today as it's 3 o clock and the baby has only just gone to sleep, so she'll be up till late tonight.


  1. the cow is too cute, I must get the sheep!

  2. well it was you who gave me the inspiration for them :-)