Saturday, 21 February 2009

i know i said i had enough stock but....

I decied to branch out into boys jewellery and eventually mens. I have cuff links on my website but i'd like to make mens necklaces and bracelets. This is what i made it's wooden pieces with tibetan silver spacers and a whale tail pendant.I think it's a surfer style and will be great for the upcoming summer, hopefully we'll have a better one than last year.
I'm still feeling positive about tomorrow but i just found out that the next boot sale is on the same day as the craft fair i've already booked for next month. My thinking was if i do the bootsale each month then in the summer months when it gets busy i will be established with them and get the holiday makers coming and buying my jewellery. I'll have to have a word while i'm there and see if they'll book me a table for the month after. oh well wish me luck for tomorrow. jo