Tuesday, 10 November 2009

wrap bracelets

Well i have finally managed to get myself a new pair of memory wire cutters as my old ones had called it a day. So i spent last night making these bracelets, i'm pretty made up with them. Firstly is this red one with purple and pink beads.

Next is this white or clear one, perfect for christmas.

And lastly this brown one which i used up my oddment of brown beads to make it and i really like it.

Today i have been messing with my sewing machine, making up some cross stitch cushions from some cover kits i have done and have been lying around for ages. I'm going to take them to my craft fair in 2 weeks time. I also found some snow white fabric so i made a cushion with that i just have to stuff it and stitch it up and it'll be done. So you know what tomorrows pictures are going to be :-D.


  1. I love the bracelets - the clear/white one especially, very Christmassy :) x

  2. Nice. I like memory wire bracelets but never got around to making any.