Monday, 20 July 2009

race for life

As some of you know i did the race for life yesterday. This is the picture taken after we had finished. It is my mum, my auntie linda, my cousins wife, lucy and me on the end on my phone. I completed the 5k run in 36 mins, not bad i'm quite proud of myself but today i have sore legs and a sore bum lol.
Thank you to everyone who sponsered me and helped to raise some money for this cause x.


  1. thats a good time you should be proud, I did my race for life back in June now and you had much better weather than me

  2. Well done you!! We competed in one in May & had a great time too! Hope you're feeling really proud of yourself - nice ears by the way - hee hee xx

  3. Well done, that's an excellent time and you all look like you really enjoyed yourselves, too!