Thursday, 16 July 2009

jewellery party this weekend

I have a busy weekend this week, i decided to take the plunge and hold a jewellery party on saturday. It's only going to be from my house and then see if it goes anywhere from there. I have invited some family and friends to come, i just hope it goes ok. I'm really worried, not about selling anything but about entertaining. I'm having it a 4 - 6 so it's early for wine and drinks, i am going to put some nibbles out too. So anyway i'll let you know how it goes.
Sunday i am doing the race for life for cancer research.
This necklace is one i made last week, i have been trying to sort my stock out for saturday. Plus i have had a good week this week selling 6 things so far so i'm over the moon :-D.

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  1. Good Luck Jo. I did a party on Mon and it went really well. Mine was at a friends house and she was in charge of refreshments, just as well as I was busy with the sales!! Can you get someone to help you serve the drinks so your attention can be on your jewellery?

    Hope it goes well on Sun and the weather is kind!