Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Took my daughter to playgroup today, it's only the second time we have been and it was empty. Which is good because my daughter is not a people person! There were 4 other children there but they all got on with there own little thing. It was good for her and she really enjoyed it so we'll be going back again next week.
I made this necklace yesterday, it's brown and amber glass beads. I quite like it i have listed it on my website but i just have to decide which of my 3 shops to list it in now.
I went running last night in training for the race for life i'm doing. I managed a mile but it was way to hot. I'm going again tonight but i think it's even hotter today so don't know how i'm going to get on.


  1. Love the colours in the necklace. Have been there with the whole play group thing - all I can say is good luck :D