Wednesday, 8 July 2009

sterling silver

I don't make many sterling silver piece's as i never know how to price it. It's hard enough to price costume jewellery and even then i'm being told it's too cheap and thats why it's not selling because people think if it's that cheap then it can't be good quality.
But it is lol. Anyhow i have made a few sterling pieces over the last couple of days and here is one of my favourties. They feature starfish shaped swarovski crystals and i love them. They are available on my website with all of my other pieces i have made.


  1. Hello! I like the earrings and yes I too have been told that I should price things higher. Funny thing is that the last person that said that asked me for a discount.....

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  3. I too find it hard to price sterling silver, but for earrings i add about 50p - £1.00 ontop if i use just SS earwires, then more if its all made out of SS, like the head/eye pins.

    I still get groans about the prices, last pair was swarovski crystal earringg with SS earwires for £2.50, she asked why they were more than the Silver plated ones, and couldnt understand!

    Im happy with the price i sell my SS jewellery at. On the weekend people loved that is was so afforable, yet, im still making a lovely profit from it all.

    I do alot of trade shows, so my prices need to be quite low to allow people to be able to spend at my stall, while still being able to enjoy the rest of their day out. Craft fairs can be differnet. People usually go out to them with pennies in their purses.