Monday, 17 August 2009

boys jewellery?

I think it is pretty hard to design boys jewellery, the last boys necklace i made was bought for a girl??? I made this elasticated bracelet a few days ago it was initially for halloween but i have listed it under boys jewellery on my website. I have also made the matching necklace but i haven't got round to listing that yet.
I have made a girl one using clear crystals instead of black beads which has turned out ok. I've also been making other halloween jewellery and i've made one card so far so pop along to my website for a nosy.


  1. I think if you look through jewellery catalogues to see what they have for men, then you'd get ideas for boys.

    As long as it's boy colours and boy things - cars, bikes, tv, skate boards, skulls etc, you can't go wrong.

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