Friday, 31 December 2010

bit sick of spam

It seems to be everywhere, and not the edible type which when in the mood can be quite nice! The forum of a craft site i am on has been taken over by spam, also misi which was once a great site is now over run with spam and people selling iphones!
long story short, i no longer use misi due to the owner not responding to any problems!
Now everytime i come on my blog i have spam messages from people selling diamond engagement rings argh!

I don't know weather to carry on blogging or give up?

Anyway enough of my moaning, here are some pictures of some hairclips i have made. I have set up a bits and bobs section on my website which features hair clips, headbands, glasses chains and phone charms. Check it out :0).


  1. Sorry to hear you are overwhelmed with Spam. Please don't let these b******ds win by giving up. your jewellery is so inspiring.

  2. Joanne you have my sympathy. I have two jewellery related blogs, one for my business and one for a new association I created. At one point I was getting nearly 100 spam comments a day, each had to be manually checked.

    However, I installed Akisme and since then it has dropped to a handful per day and Alismet catches 99% of the spam for me.

    I reckon these automated spammers somehow know that Akismet is installed and then don't bother posting as their ISP would then be logged as spam.

    Not sure if Akismet is available for blogspot as it was written by the Wordpress folk but you never know.

    I got driven mad by spam so I hope you find a solution soon.

    Happy New Year

    Adrian Smith

  3. Ugh how frustrating. . . I read it don't go just yet. . . xx

  4. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year joanne and say keep on blogging!!!

  5. You can change it so any comments have to be moderated by you first, that way they don't reach your blog.
    Keep blogging, Happy 2011.x.

  6. don't let spammers push you to give up the blog if you otherwise enjoy doing it. Maybe you need to set up comment moderation for a while?

  7. thanks everyone you have cheered me up :0), i do moderate my page after finding loads of spam on older posts but they tend to post the same link 4-5 times. Maybe they think it will be published straight away and keep posting until they realise it won't. lol i have done that a few times myself!
    i'll keep blogging now :0D