Monday, 8 February 2010

dolphin charm bracelet

This is my latest charm bracelet, it features glass dolphin shaped beads with blue and white glass beads and mother of pearl turquoise hearts. A must for any dolphin lover.
I have been neglecting my blog again but i just can't seem to fit everything in. In between looking after 2 children and a husband, trying and failing to keep the house tidy aswell as trying to find some crafting time. I just don't tink it can be done.
Also i'm a little bit miffed at the moment which is effecting my craftyness. I put photos of my work on several galleries aswell as facebook and anywhere else i can think of. In these galleries they have a 5 star rating as a comment box well i have been getting no comments or stars (fair enough my stuff isn't to everyones taste) but i then get people e mailing me asking where i get my beads. I don't mind telling people, well i didn't until someone asked and i told them, they then posted a picture of the exact same thing i had made and put 'for sale on my website' underneath it. Am i wrong to be angry about this? i would never copy someone elses work like that and i can't believe the cheekyness of her, she has emailed me since asking some other question but i have ignored her.


  1. That is completely unacceptable and I am sorry you have had to experience this.

  2. You poor thing. I am a bit fiery and would probably have sent her a note telling her exactly what I thought and then commented on her pic that it was a direct copy but then I don't always think before I act.
    Hugs. I love your jewellery and your blog. Don't give up. xxx