Thursday, 25 February 2010

made up with my little self

This is my first attempt at dress making. I decided to try and make something for my daughter and found this free pattern. I think it's great. My 2 year old however said she doesn't like it and won't even try it on.
I think i'll wait for a bit and try to get her to try it on again. I think it's because she has seen me make it that she won't entertain it and judging by how head strong she is i don't think i'll ever get it on her lol.
I think from now on i'll stick to making myself clothes :0).


  1. looks lovely Jo,love the colours :o) Andrea xx

  2. hi
    its lovely i would use it on my little girl she would love it
    and me if it was a size 16
    you are so clever well done
    love clare x

  3. I pressed next blog and I see the cutest little dress you made!
    I would like to know where you got the pattern as I have a soon to be 2yr old daughter and nice kids clothing is so expensive or it is all pink.