Tuesday, 21 April 2009

new card

I have been having a little sort out of my crafting stuff and came across some completed cross stitching which i had done nothing with so i made this card up last night. It is a all our yesterday design, they are one of my favourite.
I haven't done much cross stitching for a few years now and jewellery tends to take over but each time i look at my pile of kits i promise myself to do some more.


  1. Its lovely, its nice to do something other than jewellery making for a change isn't it-my bolt hole is knitting but stuck on my first pr of socks - Need Zoe or Elaine to help me thinks!

  2. very pretty,love the image,hugs andrea xx

  3. That's really pretty! There's something so soothing and therapeutic about cross stitching, watching the image build up little square by little square. I don't do much but like you I often promise myself I'll do more!