Wednesday, 1 April 2009

for sale

well the for sale sign has just gone up on my house. It's all a bit strange as we don't know where to go yet, we was going to move to ainsdale but with the rising sea level being on the news we checked with friends of the earth which area's weren't going to be here in 80 years time and ainsdale was one of them. so that went out the window, i know i probably won't be here in 80 years either but if the sea is on my front door it will make the house worthless.
My new beads came this morning, ooo i'm so happy with them can't wait to get stuck into them. The picture is a necklace i made last night i ended up changing it round this morning because i didn't like the way it was. It looks alot better now and i'm happy with it.

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