Wednesday, 15 April 2009

international sales

I had my first international sale from my website a couple of days ago, it was the pair of curtain tie back i featured on my blog a while ago and there going all the way to australia. I only made one pair as i wasn't sure how they would sell but i think i'm going to make some more now.
I've been in wales for the last 10 days on holiday, i came home yesterday but thinking of going back down this afternoon or tomorrow. I've got some stuff to sort out like going the bank and ordering a statement so i can dispute the money which was stolen from me. I got a statement ordered for when i got home but it only goes upto the day before it was all taken, typical!


  1. well done you hun,thats great...hope you had a nice time in wales and hope you get your money sorted with the bank,hugs andrea xxx

  2. Well done, have posted to Australia once, amazed the postage wasn't that expensive!
    May there be many more!!

  3. Wow thats great, international sales!

  4. thanks everyone, i was surprised myself how cheap it was

  5. Interesting blog you have here