Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Is the time my darling daughter decided to get up this morning and with the mornings getting brighter it's only going to get worse. When my son was younger in the summer he'd be up at 4am. Can't wait LOL.
SO i've posted some piccies of 2 fathers day cards i made last night. I've used forever friends papers.

I'm off to mother care today to try and get a new buggy, the wheel snapped off the last one (didn't even have it 6 months and paid £70 for it so i wasn't impressed). so when we went to get another hubby was with me and we saw a 3 wheeled one which he had his heart set on so against my better judgement i let him get it. Big mistake, the pram is completly useless and i have to take it apart to fit it in my car boot. He has now admitted i was right not to get it LOL.


  1. Good luck with the shopping don't envy you at all!!!Great cards,nice to see some man ones...I always have trouble making them,hugs Andrea x