Wednesday, 15 September 2010

first day at nursery

It was my daughters first day at nursery today, she was fine and was happy to be left at nursery. Me however i had to be shoved out the door by the teachers.
I was at a lost at what to do so i came home and cleaned up abit then i put my torch on and made a few beads. I tried top sit and watch tele but couldn't so i decided to go to asda for some bits. When i came home i unpacked the shopping and had a early dinner before going and getting her at 12.
She had a super day and didn't stop talking about it all the way back.
God help me tomorrow!
Pictured is a piece of cross stitch i finished last week, i don't do much anymore with doing other crafts but this is my second wip i have finished and i only have 4 left to finish then i can start another.

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