Tuesday, 14 September 2010

some cards and a angry day

I have uploaded some pictures of some cards i have made, i will be listing them on my website over the next few days.
Firstly is this cute teddy card.
Next is this cute ballerina card.
A japenese doll card, i think they are caller koeshi but not sure.

And a caveman card, roar!

And now for my angry day lol. Yesterday i sent my son to school in his brand new winter coat. He also had football for after school club so i had to go out and buy him a tracksuit, he doesn't own a tracksuit as i think they look abit scruffy to be honest and would rather he wore jeans and a t-shirt. He doesn't play football at home so it's not a problem (he isn't a boys boy and doesn't like the rough and tumble things boys usually do).
So anyway i also got him a new pair of trainers as he needed them for school. So when i went to pick him up after after school club he came out with no coat, i told him to go and get it and told his teacher too. He asked if he had a kit as the school had to borrow him one. I told him i bought a new tracksuit and trainers for him yesterday and he had brought them into school that morning.
In the end it turns out there was nothing on his peg, no coat, no pe kit, no tracksuit and no trainers. He was to go home and the teacher would have a look for them. I was fuming all night!
However when i went in this morning and took him to his class they were on his peg, i have no idea where they disappeared to last night but i am glad they are back.
So rant over lol and thanks for listening :0).

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