Wednesday, 13 January 2010

childrens jewellery

I like making childrens jewellery and it is always popular at craft fairs. So i have pictured my 4 latest pieces to show you. First is this frog bracelet, i still like to make novelty items even with kids stuff.

Next is this pretty fair bracelet.

Then this pastel hearts bracelet. I really like these beads there so cute.

And last this cute butterfly bracelet.

Making childrens jewellery is also a great way of using up your odd beads which you may only have 3-4 of as they always look great with a load of seed beads added in between.


  1. Your jewellery always inspires me. One day i'll sell something and be able to come over and buy some. . .
    Keep creating. :o)

  2. I love the butterfly one!
    Pretty! :D

  3. loving the childrens jewellery jo its fab,would really like something soon for Hope but probably in Silver would you beable to do that for me?hugs Andrea xxx

  4. thank you all, yes andrea i could do that for you. just let me know when your ready and what you would like :-)