Saturday, 16 January 2010

poker face

I thought i would show you some poker themed items i have made. Poker is pretty big at the moment with both male and female so i made this bookmark.

And these earrings.

I've been out today to get some storage boxes to keep all my bits in because my craft room was our en suite but we changed it because i needed a crafty space. Now were moving we have decided to change it back to try and sell the house quicker. I'm going to miss my little craft room but i definetly haven't missed having a 3rd bathroom to clean and i'm not looking forwards to it :-(. Speaking of cleaning i have just spent the last hour hunched over the toy box trying to sort that out because with christmas just been we have a tonne of toys. So i now have half a binbag to go the tip and a binbag full to go to the charity shop. The kids rooms are next but i think i'll leave it till tomorrow or i'll still be there all hours in the morning.

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