Saturday, 9 January 2010

too early

Urgh! well me darling daughter decided to get me up at 6.30am this morning. Not that i would usually mind but i stayed up last night to watch the first episode of heroes. I'm so glad it's back on now there will be something decent to watch on tv. But it didn't finish till 11.35pm so by the time i settled down in to the land of nod it was late.
Pictured are some earrings i made with a circle of memory wire i had left over, I have tried to make a bracelet with one ring of memory wire but it doesn't look right so i cut it in half and thought i'd give earrings a go. I think they have turned out pretty good.
I did venture out yesterday, my husband drove me to asda to do some shopping. where going to try and go out again today. The snow isn't to bad now, the problem is the snow has now been squashed into 3" of ice. The main roads have a single track through them which isn't slippy it's just the side roads.

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  1. Happy New your!
    Love the black heart earings on the previous blog....Kx