Thursday, 7 January 2010


Well i say ouch because my car is due in for a service and mot today, i had to buy four new tyres last weeks which cost me £180. When i asked the lady how much for a service and mot the reply was £200 hmmm but i also need and clip for my seat.
The thing is i have a 2 door car so im always pulling the seat forwards to let the kids in and out and our drive is so narrow that you have to park as far over as possible so you can open the drivers side door (the passenger either has to get out the car before i drive on or climb over the handbrake.) So anyhow it's always my seat that gets moved and the clip is broke so i can no longer move my seat. Which is a bit of a pain because everyone now has to get out of the car at the end of the drive.
So i asked how much one of those was going to be .... £90 OMG. I think i'm going to cry £470 in the last 2 weeks on my car. blub blub!
I can't moan to much as there my first tyres in 3 years, my hubby goes through them every 3 months. good job his is a company car!
So anyway enough of my moan pictured is a kiddies necklace i made the other day. It features some lampwork dog beads i bought at a craft fair last year (as mentioned in a previous post i'm trying to use up all my beads before buying more). I hope you like it :-).


  1. Cute little necklace. How is the resolution not to buy new going. I'm trying, I just keep thinking but it would look nice with. . .

  2. thanks, i'm not doing to bad i have only spent £10 on beads in the last month :-)

  3. I love that doggy necklace !!
    I wish I could be self-disciplined enough to resist more beads - but every time I see somethig different it is soooo tempting.....
    Was it Oscar Wilde who said "I can resist everything except temptation" ?