Monday, 12 January 2009


well i know christmas has only just been but i've decided to stock up on my valentines jewellery. I already have a few things like a bracelet and a couple of pairs of heart earrings but i made these last night. The first is a gold plated charm bracelet with red glass hearts and maroon glass pearls and the second is a gold plated cluster ring with maroon glass pearls and gold dust plated beads. I think the red and gold compliment each other greatly on these two pieces.

I've also been looking around for more places to showcase my jewellery, i wenr to botany bay on sunday but they wanted £22 a week for a display which seems a bit much to me. I don't think i would sell enough to cover it aswell as my other costs. Oh well back to the drawing board.

I also have a indoor car boot i go to so i'll be there on sunday, fingers crossed it goes ok.


  1. Good luck! Do you find you can get decent prices at a boot sale?

  2. not really but i do make a small profit. plus you can take junk to put on the end of the table which usually sells to cover the cost of the table. :-)