Thursday, 29 January 2009

new pieces

well i didn't get round to making the children's tie backs yesterday, nor did the postman bring the novelty bookmarks. I did however make a few pieces from my other goodies which arrived via the postman. Honestly i think he thinks i'm a shopoholic.
The first is a shell bracelet which i think is quite cute.

Next is this bracelet which when i saw the beads reminded me of those white chocolate drops you used to get when you were a kid. The ones with the hundreds and thousands on the top. So i named it 'candy bracelet' not very imaginative i know but some days i have trouble colliding 2 brain cells. My daughters 18 months but i still blame baby brain!

And last is a necklace i made with the most beautiful pendant i have ever seen. You probably can't pick it up from the picture but it is really lovely. The pendant was called 'ice moon' so that's what i've called the necklace. Again baby brain.

The postman has just been, again with 2 parcels. It's a good job hubby is in work LOL. One of which was the bookmarks so hopefully if i can get the baby to sleep i'll make some up today.

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